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  1. Scarecrow71's post in Trouble with execute a node was marked as the answer   
    Even with the scripting module, of you don't have certain things unlocked you can't use all the features.  In this case, you need at a minimum Flight Control.  I have found that anything less than Advanced Flight Control makes MJ nearly useless.
    You will have to manually stage and throttle until then.
  2. Scarecrow71's post in What mods are compadable w/ Community tech tree? was marked as the answer   
    The 2 non-part mods I'd recommend that aren't listed are MechJeb2 and Kerbal Engineer Redux.
  3. Scarecrow71's post in How do you disable certain mods? was marked as the answer   
    The only way is to uninstall the mod.  Personally, I recommend having multiple installs of KSP.  Myself, I've got a no-mod install, a light mod install, and one that I really need to clean up with all the parts packs.
  4. Scarecrow71's post in Time in career mode was marked as the answer   
    Time has almost no real bearing on the game other than for transfer windows and time to travel somewhere.  Not that I've found, anyhow.  I know some people want to conserve as much time as possible, but I think that's just a personal thing.
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