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  1. Firstly great work everyone involved in this the parts look fantastic! No-one mentions antennae ever in this sort of thing but the modelling and texturing is top class on these especially. I actually found myself spending a good 10 minutes zooming in and inspecting all the little details. Excellent job. Can I ask though what you disagree with in the current art direction by squad? I have to admit the engine remodels/retextures aren’t great but I love the look of things like the MEM. Is the direction too cartoony? PS one issue - I actually miss the yellow/black warning stripes (I thin
  2. Ah ok, don’t really follow the SpaceX stuff so was totally clueless! Apparently (according to Wikipedia) both it and the other one were both named after ships in the Culture sci-fi book series (haven’t read those either )
  3. Nice! For v2 you could add the ability to service/repair/replace the panels to get them working at full capacity again?
  4. Got to be the latest? You have access to the latest api, more things in the game to change, higher .net access and all the experience gained from every previous version. Also if you use other mods as dependencies, they are more likely to be maintained to the latest version than one say 10 versions ago. That’s my opinion anyway.
  5. I have had similar happen as well. A perfect encounter with Minmus but when you create a capture node and warp to it, the orbit doesn’t even reach Minmus. I played 1.8 and it didn’t do this and 1.11 and it does; not sure of versions in between. Another one is when you have a path next to your target planet and you time warp, for each speed up press, the path sometimes jumps away from the planet. Normally, when you stop time warp, it jumps back. However, I read somewhere that if you time warp through SOI changes now, it causes issues so maybe it doesn’t ‘jump back’. Regardless the perfect
  6. I’ve never used it but wasn’t the OpenGL thing a hack for the old 32-bit version? I don’t think it’s relevant anymore but like I say don’t know much about it. Looking at your specs, I would agree it is probably a memory issue; there’s quite a few parts mods there and you’re only running 4gb. Your cpu is also not great (I have the same one I think). And if it’s a laptop like mine, the graphics card is probably dreadful too (like mine). Your logs might confirm it but they are locked so I can’t view them unfortunately.
  7. If the game crashes/freezes, then the last items in the log will say what it was doing when it happened. If chasing NREs or other errors, the log usually says “null ref exception” or “error” on the entry and mentions a load of hex code and the name of the class the error was contained in (which doesn’t always relate to the recognised name of the mod either). Other times it’s experience of knowing what mods might be conflicting as logs seem normal. Sometimes it takes hours and hours of testing as the answer is hidden away somewhere in an obscure line. Of course, to solve it yours
  8. Are you sure that’s all of the log? After scrolling for a good 5 minutes to get to the end, it looks like it’s still applying MM patches at start up? (although I might have read incorrectly as all I can see is scrolling text now when I close my eyes).
  9. Not sure what the command centre dome is but sounds like an issue with the IVA image not an in game problem (ie no lights on). Maybe it shares it with something else that isn’t there anymore? Or the IVA image is just a placeholder with blank (or black in this case) contents as a “tbc” for the future.
  10. Thank you! I like it! Yes watching those modules drop even at 4x physics warp is indeed tedious! I wonder how many Kerbals I'll wipe out during testing...
  11. Yes you are right, but setting it to that (along with "never allow downloads while I'm playing") shows "Auto-Updates Disabled" on the "downloads" screen. Having said that, I'm not sure if starting the game would in fact override that so as you say, the fact you're playing outside of Steam will stop it anyway. Basically you don't want it set to the other 2 options though as it may update whenever you open Steam for something else.
  12. Excellent, good man! I will be downloading that very shortly!
  13. UPDATE For PEAR To v1.0.1 - fixed game breaking bug whereby when part was unexpectedly deleted in the Editor, it threw an endless NRE spam. Sorry about that! All links updated.
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