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  1. Dear Fruit Followers, I'm posting this message as a means of explaining my recent actions as there has been some speculation, people worried etc and to explain the future of the mods. Firstly, I can confirm my account has NOT been hacked; nor has the Kraken managed to get me; nor am I multiple accounts and got caught etc Basically, following a discussion with a senior moderator, I decided that I didn't want to post here anymore as I simply disagree with some of the forum rules and policies. That's not to say they are wrong or you should be worried about something I 'found' (I di
  2. I think that’s only true if he’s modified it in anyway? The licence states he is free to copy and share your work (assuming the other conditions are met) so if it’s just bundled as is I think he’s ok? I suppose it’s whether mixing it in a folder with other mods is classed as “building on” the original. I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong.
  3. Assuming the CKAN version of Scatterer is up to date (usually is I believe), do you have any other visual mods? AVP seems very sensitive to use with other visual mods & will cause issues if you try to mix. Also have you tried a different resolution for the Scatterer part (not sure if this applicable in CKAN).
  4. Wow I’ve never seen a thread title be longer than the OP before so congrats on that Do you mean like random inventory items so one vessel could have say a repair kit but another maybe a solar panel ie randomly generated by the game?
  5. @Snark ah ok, thought it was a new mod and was missing maybe 1, didn’t realise it was a pack of other mods. Keeps everything together I suppose. The problem from the OP’s POV is they’ll have to chase around each mod for updates etc.
  6. @Snark which mod’s licences are missing as no details anywhere (of mods)? @LizardMan if there are issues with the distribution of a mod due to licensing, an easy solution is to add the problem mods as a dependency rather than bundled with your mod, depending on what your mod does etc.
  7. Says it’s an issue with CKAN being installed in the wrong directory? Unfortunately I don’t use it myself so not sure where it should be installed?
  8. Wow I’d genuinely never heard of it! Want to try it now though to see if I get almonds or rotten onions Thank you!
  9. Ahh I thought you meant a feature What is a durian I’ve never heard of one?
  10. Check the control settings in the main menu options. Alternatively, have you accidentally changed the keyboard language in windows? I kept knocking mine into US by mistake so “#” wouldn’t work properly for example.
  11. Have you got any duplicate squad files at all? Check inside mod folders too; sometimes they include them by mistake.
  12. Have you added the “hints” in brackets after the squad folder name? The game doesn’t seem to like it when it can’t find just “squad”. Try changing those back to the originals it might sort it (same for internal folders within squad folder as well).
  13. Send another vessel and rendezvous (ie like docking but not actually docking) with his capsule then spacewalk him across to the other one.
  14. You don’t want 2 levels of GameData folders or it will break. Drag the 999_ksp-recall into the top level GameData (where your other mods are listed) then get rid of that other one. That should do it.
  15. There was a bug in the original release whereby the comet harvester wouldn’t work. Perhaps they just removed the option rather than fixing it. Not sure about tail but maybe it only renders from a distance or something.
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