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  1. Deploying science: you keep each experiment, controller and power sources in an inventory (either ship or container). Then on the surface, using a scientist, transfer the part you want to place into his/her personal inventory. You will probably have to switch out the parachute and jet pack for some parts as they are too big/heavy to carry as well. When you’ve decided where you want to place them, hover the mouse pointer in the bottom left (I think) of the inventory box the part is in and you should see a white down arrow appear. If you click this it’ll transfer the part to placement mode
  2. 15T is quite heavy for a lander? Based on say mk2 lander can which is ~ 1.2t. Only options I can think are: - reduce lander weight - add more legs - land as close to 0m/s as possible - consider some add on legs - tweakscale the stock legs - use wheels instead these seem more robust
  3. I’m not a fan of MJ’s auto ascent for this reason. Try although inspired by MJ’s code this actually works consistently (and works fine in 1.11.x).
  4. That’s an awesome design, although not so much a rover but more a rolling battle fortress
  5. This is true. Actually a heli-rover would be quite good, although I doubt NASA had link the blade deployment angle to the throttle action to make it half useable, only to find to blades staying where they are and the rover spinning around instead.
  6. I wouldn’t use Curseforge unless it’s the only place it’s available. Spacedock is better and CKAN better still for updated versions.
  7. I like the idea of exploring the surfaces and I have done it, but unfortunately the actual method of doing it doesn’t make it particularly fun or interesting. Rovers are way too slow (realistic yes I know) and there’s no stock autopilot or auto “hold down accelerate” option, forcing you to use something like MJ. Then just as you’re getting somewhere the stupid rover flips over and gets destroyed. Of course you wouldn’t tour around Earth using an RC car so it’s not a criticism of the gameplay. The other point as mentioned is there isn’t much variety on the surfaces.
  8. Yes it works fine as LGG said, as well as the post above yours and the other 7 or 8 on this page that say it works in 1.11
  9. They’re already listed in the documentation. I haven’t used kOS for years but i seem to remember writing the scripts in notepad++ and the in game console was only used to run those pre-written scripts so for me personally, the way it’s done now is fine (although I don’t use it as said above). I think there was also a site (maybe something on here) where people shared their kOS scripts (a bit like the craft files) and a lot of basic tutorial style scripts were distributed there.
  10. Don’t think it was this one as I only released last month but this can satisfy your fuel desires: If that’s no good, someone mixed it up in another thread with another mod called “Telemagic” so it might be that you’re remembering, although I’d never heard of it myself.
  11. Are you using the latest version and the dependencies? (B9 part switch & the new cfg files?) Incidentally, after upgrading B9 to the latest version on mine, it was forcing the game to close and was throwing a strange rcs error so double check the versions of everything just in case.
  12. Well spotted! On older versions of Unity, running dx11 caused some games to crash so the workaround was to force it to use dx9. Im guessing “-force-d3d9” may have been added to the OP’s launch options on Steam from an older version and they’ve forgotten (assuming they’re using steam or the shortcut on their desktop if not). That said, I’m not sure it’s the cause of the OP’s issue but no point in keeping.
  13. Short answer is no. Long answer is nooooooooooooooo. Only tips I can offer are: (1) don’t play through steam. Play via the shortcut inside the KSP folder. (2) Check you’ve turned off debris in the options. Obviously the longer you play, the more debris gathers. (3) Same with ships with large part counts. (4) Same with number of total flights on the go. (5) Disable any unused network adapters (not sure if this is applicable on Mac but it’s a Unity bug so might be). (6) if no improvements after above, restarting the game might be required each time it sta
  14. Am I right in thinking the map screen overlays the flight screen? The reason I say that is if you’re in map view and hold the right mouse button and drag to rotate the view and you’re burning engines , the engine sound ‘moves’ as if you’re viewing the vessel in flight. Therefore, when you zoom in map you end up zooming in flight as well etc? If so, it makes things difficult but if not, a mod could maybe fix this.
  15. Probably one for the mods to answer but if the licences allow and you are honest and clear about what you’ve done so no risk of taking credit for someone else’s work, I can’t see why not. Maybe list the original authors as you’ve done above as courtesy (or for licence requirements). Of course I might be completely wrong and it’s not allowed at all but I would allow it if it was up to me.
  16. Might be as you’ve suggested then. Doesn’t seem out of place for KSP let’s be honest: launch device to track asteroids and it causes asteroids to stop spawning
  17. This is generic not necessarily a reference to your design: - issues with CoM / CoL placement. Lack of control surfaces can also cause. - move rear landing gear to just behind the CoM. I like to raise the rear gear up slightly to create a natural nose up attitude. Add more lifting surfaces. - add more ailerons. Fill that delta wing at the back. I find “tail wings” help immensely as well. - check ascent profile. Inefficient climb means more fuel = heavier. - try lower profile engines like aerospike/rapier etc. Finally, check out some Matt Lowne videos on You
  18. If you have Advanced Tweakables activated, there is an option to “remove from symmetry” added to the right click menu. This stops them being linked after you’ve placed them allowing for individual changes.
  19. Yes they’re pretty awful for wobbling. My tips are: - to not try to move too much weight if possible and try to use a bigger part for lower mass not other way around. Also avoid using leverage (having a heavy mass at the end of a long arm connected to a hinge for example). - turn the deployment speed WAY down (like to 2 or 3); - use Quantum Struts which you can toggle on and off with an action group. When the QS touches the part it will stop wobbling so you can use it a bit like a brake (or more like using time warp to stop a vessel spinning).
  20. Do you mean for Kerbin (planet)? Usually EVE & Scatterer or SVE are the normal choices. If you Google “KSP visual mods” there’s some sites that come up that list “10 best visual mods for KSP” etc that showcases them all. Ps I don’t think you mean the texture on the shuttle but if you do that’s part of the knes mod.
  21. Ah ok. I think I was trying to tow a plane up to space using another plane which resulted in the towed plane spinning uncontrollably before the cable snapped and the towed plane plummeted into the ocean. Doesn’t work well for that.
  22. Do you have Kopernicus installed (or any planet add on mod which uses it?) There’s something in there that stops them spawning.
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