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  1. hello peridoot, nice seeing you here
  2. I know right! its really awesome where you have things like astronauts but they are green and stuff
  3. You guys know this awesome game called "kerbal space program" i heard its epic
  4. yesterday i brought a kerbal to the Munar surface with a mobile lab and rover! unfortunately though I landed in the far side of the Mun so communication was limited. But i still really liked designing this and i plan on doing more like these in the future https://ibb.co/C1dFDvz
  5. oh, sorry for not telling you about this, a space station, would have at least 1000 units of liquid fuel, and oxidizer, and it needs to not be used, it should have a cupola module, 2 mobile labs, and has 12 kerbals on board. and rocket+space station should be under 50k bucks. A kind offer, though what I am making is a mission idea, out of shear absolute boredom
  6. This is my first mission idea submission, I'm open for any criticisms regarding this mission idea Because of comments, I decided to make a new paragraph and make the challenge clearer on what to do, sorry 'bout that. 1000 units of dry mass oxidizer and 1000 units of liquid fuel in the station itself, that wont be used making it just there, not being spent by anything, not even for refueling stations. The craft should also get into Munar orbit with 2 mobile labs, and about the Munar orbit, it should be in space low, in a non eccentric orbit. Other instructions are that there should be that
  7. i like dababy computer
  8. Update: i downloaded CKAN and loaded up ksp, though the icon didnt show up still in-game this is my gamedata folder, is there anything wrong with it? https://ibb.co/vcz90Vy
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