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  1. The Eve landing and return mission caught me out. I didn't know anything about Eve and accepted the contract. I barely made it off Eve and back to Kerbin even with every cheat in the F12 menu on. A lot of the contracts I get don't make much sense or are horribly repetitive. It seems like they taylor the contracts based on what you've chosen in the past. Which makes sense considering that's probably the type on contracts your interested in but I can only repair so many rovers or satellites before it gets dull.
  2. First person EVA would be great along with staying first person when on a rover. I think the game lacks quite a bit on science experiments but I'm still new to the game so probably haven't explored everything yet. Water samples would be a good addition since a few planets/moons have liquid of some sort on the surface. Orbital science in the science lab doesn't have enough. There's tons of experiments do on the real ISS that can be replicated in the game's lab while built into an orbital space station. To continue with science I think certain new techs should be unlocked through the r
  3. This is pretty much what I was thinking. Setting the extension length just like you can with hydraulic cylinders or bay doors. I'm finding ways to build shorter landers that just work within the set length of the extension ladders. I'm still only going to moons where I don't need much delta V for a return to Kerbin and don't actually need a ladder anyway. Especially once I start landing places like Laythe where you need a decent size rocket to get back in orbit and return to Kerbin I'll probably be back to stacking ladders which just seems kinda dumb.
  4. New to the game and these forums but an adjustable length extension ladder would be nice. Rather than moving the entire ladder up or down and possibly having to stack ladders to reach somewhere. It would be great to set the length you need when assembling in the VAB. Or am I a dunce and this already exists?
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