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  1. Ho thanks I was searching an operator to concatenate string like in others language, I don't thought about just append all like that
  2. Hi I'm trying to concatenate a string with the value of a variable with MM, but noting seems to works and I find nothing on Internet. I need your help Here an example of what I'm trying : // First try : @PART[*]:HAS[#category[FuelTank],@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],!RESOURCE[Oxidizer]]:LAST[MyModExample] { @description ^= :$:<br><color="green">It's an example with LiquidFuel #$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$</color>: } It doesn't work. MM just don't evaluate the #$/RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ and just put it as normal text... // T
  3. Hi Maybe with HopperGuidance you can do something ?
  4. I have the same problem since a so long time... it's really annoying because I like to use some parameters that they are not the default. So I have to reconfigure the mod at each new mission start. BUT ! I just found a solution for this problem (or bug, like you want). The mod Ground Proximity want to save its configuration in a config.cfg file, this file is located here GameData/KSP_Proximity/PluginData/config.cfg Except that when you install the mod*, the folder PluginData doesn't exist, and the mod is not able to create it by itself. So the config.cfg is never written... Th
  5. Don't worry all, he will be back very soon on the April 1st
  6. humm... honestly I don't know. I think this "feature" is in MM since a long time, It's strange you don't saw it on the February 22. I think @sarbian can answer you better than me, he's the author of MM
  7. On an April 1st, I think I wouldn't have searched like that and thought really quicker about a joke But here on a February 22... I was really not knowing about the Japanese National Cat Day, it's a bit tricky
  8. Hi Yes I had the same "problem" yesterday too. It's not an error, here is what I found
  9. Hi everybody Nothing critical here, don't worry ! I just found the "solution" and I want to share it to people that don't know it like me before. I just lost two hours to try to find why module manager was in error while I haven't changed anything... I finally find that on the forum... Source So for all of you that don't know this joke, I hope you will pass to check the forum before loosing two hours of your day like me The joke work well, good joke indeed Have a good day !
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