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  1. This is necessary. Especially on Gilly. I often cause rocket cars to roll over because the tires don't have enough friction, and I expect the KSP2 to have a better system.
  2. 被遗忘的德雷斯,希望再次看到它,毕竟这个星球已经完全被殖民化了,要宣布一颗星球的死亡并不容易...... 凯波爾谷神星,見你!
  3. I think landing On Eve needs to be less difficult, oh, I don't want to talk about this (the last time I landed Eve, I blew up the ship countless times, and finally used debug to get past it)! Lower his atmospheric heat, and reduce his gravity, and let the little green man's single-man jetpack into orbit every time he takes off into orbit. Also, by replacing JooI's forced detonator layer, we can increase Jool's atmosphere and replace the forced detonator layer with a land surface (similar to Jupiter's core, but very hot and stressful). It would be nice to add a little more terrain to the planet. In addition, add more point aircraft parts, the current version of KSP parts are not enough for me to persecute the little green man (don't look at this sentence, cross it out!) Oh, and it should be the aircraft's components, hoping to add the upper crank engine and the Orion projectile engine. Furthermore, with more planets and moons, we want to see more, novel planets, and can we add more galaxies? A Kerbol system alone seems a little out of the right. Time accelerates to increase the number of points, I went to Eello once, drove to the maximum also have to wait five minutes ten minutes. Add more real-world rocket parts and make the physics engine more realistic.
  4. I have a huge problem: I'm a new member of the KSP forum, but I want to change my avatar, and I find I can't. Does the new couple have to be the little black green figure? I think it should be changed
  5. Of course I know the current version of KSP is 1.11, but 1.9 just came out a few days ago, didn't you notice? My opinion is: change the opening window (icon).
  6. From the beginning of KSP in 2011, to the current 1.9 version, the iconic window avatar of KSP is still a small green man with a helmet, but this does not refer to the replacement of the game characters. In my opinion, the old window image should be replaced so that it can represent the KSP's historical updates. It's also a question of what, a red "KSP"? Not very pretty. What should I replace it with?
  7. 我认为,电脑的性能应该好些,因为坎巴拉太空计划太烧显卡。看完KSP2的宣传片后,我觉得你把1080Ti的显卡也换吧,内存最好8G(刚买来的吧!)装MOD至少6G(不然你就把你电脑埋了吧) [Added Translation] I think the performance of the computer should be better, because the Kerbal space program burns too much graphics card. After watching the KSP2 promotional video, I think you should also change the 1080Ti graphics card, the best memory is 8G (just bought it!) MOD installed at least 6G (or you just buried your computer)
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