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  1. Landing legs will be removed in final version, and solar arrays fold out. Pretty cool but my hinges are pathetic. Will ditch them next revision. Landing legs are just for launch pad test stability. Will remove hinges, and launch with the reverse rocket technique. Will make the solar panel array things 10 gigantors long(a lot of struts) and no hinges. Lots of drag however. Who needs to aerobrake when you have almost 30k of dv? The eve lander is still going to be used.
  2. A decoupler and a octo with a solar counts as a probe, which is 3 parts, so the max i believe would be 3000 sats. Again, with settings as low as possible, and laucnh vehicle siplified as much as possible, i think 10000 sats are possible if you use bradley 1 million ton launcher, which could safely launch 200k tons with a terrible pilot. See his last video. Maybe even adding some seperaton deorbit motors is possible. An octo and a solar panel weigh 50 kg together, doubled if an unneed r wheel is added. You could launch a theoretical maximum of 5 million sats on that rocket. Wow! Quickest way to
  3. Not yet dead, ditching RTG's for fuel cell power. I just need enough power from fuel cells to last 1 hour at full thrust, or about 28k ec per ion. assumin smame power to mass ratio as stock fuel cells will do about 100 kg hydrogen and ox per engine per hour. then solar electrolysis.
  4. Theoretically, doable. Just only allow transferring craft with parts that are in KSP2 and KSP1, hope the part sizes/length/look haven't changed.
  5. *And then, Jeb slowly throttles up the vector laughing maniacially, using the gimbal to point it at the fattest fish*
  6. What might be cool, is a ability for kerbals to have backup clones so when they die, they will have the memories transferred(experience and skills). Similiar system as in Eve Online lore. Jump clones and medical clones would be cool(medical clones in case Jeb gets blown to smithereens after being poofed in a physics glitch), jump clones for instant transferring(what if the nearest base needs an engineer asap to fix a solar array) and medical clones for death. Kerbals start with no skills but can learn for funds(and experience, they have a skill tree like video games). Having no clones availabl
  7. The damage idea is bad. What if you blow up on lauchpad/base or some really inconvenient place, eg. The only flat area on a planet for a base. Debris scooping adds too much. A VFX cloud and the ability to send an EVA kerbal to pick up scrap and send it back isn't too bad.
  8. Maybe actual pieces of debris if part count won't be excessive.
  9. A marker is too much but a headstone findable on Kerbnet as an anomaly would be ok. They likely will have no life support, supporting a Kerbal for 1000 years on an interplanetary mission to another galaxy is not fun. Having metal scrap might be cool, but your idea of a debris system is odd. I would like it so you can only recover debris from landed craft, eg.scrapping a ssto at a colony for scrap to make more ssto instead of funds.
  10. Got it but the persistent.sfs isn’t ok, luckily it doesn’t matter since I haven’t lost any progress in docking or etc
  11. My computer conked out and the drive stopped working, I'm data-recovering it, and luckily it works. Just will have to manullay repair some issues in the files.
  12. Unpopular opinion but I pick eve since it is A. It is pretty. B. It's hard to get off it so I feel proud.
  13. Have the option for this but no sharing. They could be accessed by diving into files and shared on KerbalX but we wont have 12 year old's messing things up, since they are quite unintelligent. In multiplayer the feature is disabled.
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