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  1. That's good to know, I wasn't sure how much power the program would use. I have seen and owned games that need a lot of cpu , memory and graphics power to function properly. I built my recent desktop using the newest and fastest hardware possible, not for gaming but sound/video and image editing. The hardware and software needed for these tasks is very power hungry and in order to accomplish your tasks in a reasonable amount of time you need the fastest hardware possible. I'm not saying you need huge amounts of power for editing imagesor video, you can easily edit with much less but the
  2. Thanks, that's good to know. I think though if I go through STEAM for my purchase of KSP I should be able to use the program on another PC if I load my STEAM account to it. I read it somewhere that your content in your account is playable on any PC that has STEAM loaded onto it and all you need to do is log in. I may be wrong, but as I'm researching KSP I think I will just be using my laptop because it's what I use the most. I have it on a portable laptop desk in my living room and I can use it while sitting in my easy chair, plus this way I will be able to run tutorial videos on YouTube o
  3. Yes it was Scott Manley's YouTube channel that introduced me to KSP. I had started watching him because I have always had an interest in anything related to space and he just has a way of explaining things in a way that allow me to understand . He has even teamed up with another YouTube 'r who talks about space related topics and I recently viewed the two of them using KSP to attempt to recreate crafts designed by NASA back before the Apollo Program. I found it very interesting watching Scott Manley use KSP to recreate these craft and launching them to see if they worked. It was when wat
  4. I was wondering if you can only have KSP on one PC at a time. Even though I do not have STEAM loaded on my desktop I know according to STEAM that if I did load STEAM to my desktop my games would be there and playable because I have an account with them. But you mentioned having purchased the program as a stand alone and uploading it to your PC. As a direct download are you limited to one PC? Are you able to load the program to multiple computers if you purchase a direct download of the game from KSP and then copy that download and transfer it to another PC you own? Thanks for the
  5. You mentioned of having enough RAM and Hard Drive Space. In my post I listed a few components installed in my laptop. I have 64 gb. of DDR4 RAM and have a 1 tb. PCI Express SSD running in raid 0. I also have an additional on board 1 tb. SSD. Do you think I need more RAM? Should I consider bumping up to 128 gb. of RAM , my laptop will except the upgrade.. I have plenty of space on my C drive and D drive because I off load my finished work to an external storage system in order to keep the on board drives free for large video files I need to work on. I do the same on my desktop. I mentio
  6. I had seen videos on Scott Manley's YouTube site of KSP and thought it would be interesting to explore the program. I have a beast of a laptop with a i9 cpu and 128 gb of memory and a Nvidia 2080 graphics card with 1 tb PCI Express SSD so I knew running the program would not be a problem and could get into learning how to run KSP. I don't really play computer games that much, I mainly have the latest and fastest possible hardware on my PC systems in order to run the software needed for editing tasks.. Most I know that assemble their computers with the latest and most powerful hardware ar
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