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  1. I have made a handful of mods successfully in the past so im drawing blanks here. I have found forum posts, online threads and to my result nothing has worked. I am 100% convinced it has something to do with the animations. In game it works absolutely fine and the animations even start off deploying in the proper upwards direction then instantly go sideways 90 degrees. and stay at that angle all the way to the ground. I modeled my own base and cap just cant get the canopy to behave in game. This is apart of a big mod and its one of the last things stopping me from finishing it.
  2. I have been working on my personal mods and I just need to see if I can steal 2 minutes of your time somehow mate. Im stuck with needing to know if in Unity I must make certain functions/animations in blender and if so are there any tutorials online in doing so ? I am a super fast learner I know how to make mods I just have never made any regarding animations yet.
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