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  1. Hello all, I’m Johannes Peter – A programmer on Kerbal Space Program 2 – and I love solving interesting problems! The problems we face in game development rarely have a single “correct” answer. The more specialized your game is, the more specialized your problems are, and the more creative your solutions need to be. As a rocketry simulator on an interplanetary scale, Kerbal Space Program has already tackled a wealth of unique programming challenges. Today I want to share a solution I’ve worked on for a problem that is fairly unique to KSP: How to draw accurate orbits that look stella
  2. Hi, friends! I’m Nate Robinson, senior producer on the KSP2 team, and I watched a lot of Apollo 13 as a kid – to the point that I practically wore out our family’s VHS copy. Naturally, I always imagined myself in the role of astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert. Every 90s kid wanted to go to Space Camp, become an astronaut, and fly on the Space Shuttle, and I was no different. But a funny thing happened a couple of decades later when I watched the film again as an adult: I didn’t find myself associating with the astronauts. I, of course, had long ago moved on from any dreams
  3. Have you ever pulled on a door that was meant to be pushed? It’s a frustrating mistake that often leaves you blaming yourself, ultimately bringing your intelligence into question! HOWEVER, the fault is not yours! It lies in a failure in the door’s design to communicate the action you should take. Hi, my name is Levin [ luh–vin ] Sadsad. I’m the Lead UX/UI Designer here at Intercept Games. Welcome to my Ted Kerbal Talk! “What even is UX/UI?” one might ask. Well, it stands for User Experience and User Interface. Where Game Design provides KSP2’s vision, the UX Team delivers the look & fee
  4. As a licensed Kerbothropologist, it is my distinct honor, pleasure, and purpose to study and report upon the dominant, sentient, bipedal species living on Kerbin, their home planet. Kerbals Yes, Kerbals. A spacefaring species, brimming with optimism, ingenuity, and a dangerous abundance of “Can Do!” attitude (with almost no regard for “Should Do?”) You may already be familiar with this inspiring species, but I have the distinct honor of diving deeper than most into the societal, cultural, and psychological aspects of our little green friends (even in their space suits they’re not as tall as
  5. Hello! My name is Rafael Calonzo Jr., and I am the Senior 2D Animator on Kerbal Space Program 2. You may be wondering — as I did when they first approached me for this role — why would a realistic space travel simulation need two-dimensional animation? Let’s go back to a weekday morning in 2013. Nate Simpson (KSP2 Creative Director) and I are working on an ill-fated mobile title. He mentions how tired he is from playing some game into the early morning hours and — as proof — sends me a link to a forum post featuring his very complicated (yet still plausibly realistic) spaceship. It was gather
  6. Hi, this is Paul Furio and I’m the Senior Manager of Engineering on KSP2. As I like to tell the software engineers on our team, I have two jobs. First, make sure all the code that makes up Kerbal Space Program 2 does what we expect it to do, delivers amazingly fun features, is highly performant and stable, and ships on time. Second, help every engineer on the team to grow their careers and become better versions of themselves. When I think about engineering for the next Kerbal chapter, I’m working with the engineering team to balance out a variety of different requirements. For example, how d
  7. Today, we wanted to share with you the name for the studio dedicated to the Kerbal Space Program 2′s development: Intercept Games Here is an explanation of how the name came to be by its originator and Lead Designer on KSP 2, Shana Markham: You could argue that intercepting planets is the goal of Kerbal Space Program. You’re trying to figure out how to get this comparatively tiny rocket to meet up with a planet that’s moving crazy fast through an infinite space without running out of fuel or ripping itself apart. It’s a scary prospect. It’s a thrilling prospect. Developing for KSP 2 evok
  8. Hi, my name is Shana Markham and I’m the lead designer on KSP2. I’m the “why” and “how” to Creative Director Nate Simpson’s “what.” I work with him to ensure what we’re building meets our vision for the game, and that it results in the most enjoyable and worthy successor we can build. I’m more of a scripting-and-spreadsheets sort of designer, so you’re going to get some “interesting” art here. Sequels are a balancing act. If we only added more content, that would be better done as DLC. If we revise gameplay wholesale, then we run the risk of not making a sequel anymore. How do we make sure w
  9. Hi, I’m Aaron Lundquist, the Senior Visual Effects Artist on Kerbal Space Program 2. As an artist, I look at color, composition, and silhouette, but the little green scientist inside me wants to know the how and why. With that in mind, let’s jump on in! On KSP2, a major goal is to expand on diversifying the visual effects to reflect a more scientifically accurate depiction of what space exploration actually looks like. An example of this is showing the visual differences between an engine’s exhaust in an atmosphere vs the vacuum of space. Changes in atmospheric pressure directly affect
  10. Hi! My name’s Nate Simpson, and I’m the creative director for KSP2. Welcome to the first official KSP2 blog post. In the coming months, the Star Theory team will be checking in here periodically to give you glimpses of what we’re making and how we’re making it. Now that the trailer’s out, I can finally tell the story of how we went from “it should probably have some rockets in it” to “whoa, this is making me cry” in less than two months! The story begins with Tom Bass, the head of Private Division marketing, and Ara Josefsson, the KSP marketing lead, who put together a trailer animatic and f
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