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  1. Would give the devs new challenges for lighting, and us new challenges for seeing. Could perhaps be a reason to fly by instruments rather than by eye (for landing in particular), and would mean we would need more light sources for colonies. Oh and colonies (and ships) would have to use RTG's too.
  2. I'm hoping (and expecting) at least 3 at launch, and as you said possibly some more in future updates.
  3. Yep, 100% agree. Would also be an incentive to transport resources from one base to another (or perhaps even one planet/moon to another?).
  4. Yeah, I would want a lot of it to be by choice of the player. Like you get given options when you start a new save and you can choose what things you do and don’t want as mechanics of the game. I really like this idea. With some adaptation from the devs (who will have more insight into how the progression will actually work), I think this could work really well and would be amazing to kick start progression.
  5. In KSP, it feels strange having manned flights instantly and having probes come in later on. So do we think that KSP2 will have a more realistic progression where we start with probes and then work up to manned flights? I guess this could be implemented as an optional feature offered to you when you start a save? However, I do understand that things like spin stabilised stage and stuff like that would be insane for KSP, so I wouldn’t expect anything like we see in RSS/R0/RP-1. So the probes will still have to be enough so that it’s similar to having a level 0 pilot Kerbal (SAS can only ho
  6. I would think they just work on particular areas to make them really good and perfect for showing to the public, while in reality there are many other aspects of the game that still need to be worked on extensively. Also, to go with what @K^2 said, we saw very early on in Dev diaries that the planets were already looking spectacular and really good, but they seemed to still be in fairly early stages of working on engine plumes and explosion effects. So yeah, some areas seem more polished than others and those are the ones we have been shown so far.
  7. I just think that other than fairings, having procedural parts will make it too difficult for newer players to get involved. It would be easier to leave that to modders, give it a few months and there will probably be all the realism mods on KSP2 lol
  8. I think it would be cool if you could do a Voyager type thing and fire something out of the system, but due to its speed and distance between systems, it probably wont go anywhere and will just be left drifting in space.
  9. Extra: My brother added that if you did the science on ice then it could be a hockey puck and stick rather than a golf ball and club.
  10. I’ve just had a thought, and I wondered if it would be possible and if anyone else liked it. (Possibly for KSP, but more likely KSP2) My idea is based on the fact that KSP and Kerbals in general are quite silly, fun and quirky, and this would add a bit more of that onto the current EVA science pack. As far as I have experienced, the only animation is a Kerbal hitting a golf ball. My idea however, is that the animation could vary depending on the location at which the EVA science is being conducted. For example, in the polar regions of a planet (if they are ice caps) a Kerbal could make a
  11. Getting into Duna or Eve orbit. It was amazing to finally see these two with my own eyes on my own game. While at all being legit too, in a science mode save. Hopefully soon I’ll be doing it all again in my career save (just need the next antenna).
  12. I think a good way to implement this would be that you start with the round chutes, then a little way down the tech tree you then get to the steerable chutes. And it could be that the steerable one weigh more and take up more space, so if you are tight on cargo capacity or weight, then you gotta make your decision on whether you want basic chutes to save on weight and space or advanced ones for more safety but take up more space and weigh the craft down more. (that may be jumbled, I’m tired lol)
  13. I’d have to disagree with you. The focus of the game is around the Kerbals, and their technological advancements and that. If the devs were then making differently scaled modes of the game, then it takes focus away from the base game and we would not have as good of a game and would not get as frequent updates. However, I wouldn’t worry as the modding system should be much more advanced and mods that do alter the scale of the game should be easier and safer to install, and should be better too.
  14. Yeah, I'm worried that it wont feel like KSP anymore, and will instead seem more like simple rockets in a way. I too fear that the entire game will be over simplified (or at least the standard progression from say LKO missions to Duna and Eve mission). I just hope that it will still have the feel of KSP and will still be very challenging. Something else I love about KSP is that its realistic and in my opinion only slightly whacky, and I think that KSP2 will make kerbals too childish and clumsy to be cartoonish. I do have faith in the Dev team and I love everyone's work, but I am wor
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