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  1. Ok I've figured out my problem now. The problem was I was decoupling the skirt slightly too early in a part of the atmosphere that was too thick. The skirt was pulled down too fast by gravity thus flipping the craft over. I have found out that waiting about two seconds to get into the upper atmosphere allows you to decouple just fine.
  2. I've looked into DBD but I'm still using a very old version (1.0.4)
  3. Hey I've been having a problem with the Atlas' booster skirt. Every time I decouple it, it bumps into the sustainer engine and flips the whole rocket around. I've tried everything from disabling gimbal to using weird action group settings. Am I the only one that's been having problems with this? I haven't been able to find anyone else that has this problem.
  4. I'm using an old version of KSP so KM Gimbal works with it. Anyway, thanks. I already have KJR in my inactive mods folder so I'll just reinstall it.
  5. Hi there! I keep having an issue with the R7 rockets in this mod. I don't think it's an issue with the mod itself but rather Klockheed Martian Gimbal. Everytime I use the mod with KM Gimbal, it grows ridiculously and uncontrollably wobbly. I was using this with MechJeb which kept wobbling my rocket so I tried to see if turning it off would help. However, it did not. Once I uninstalled KM Gimbal but not the R7 mod, it didn't wobble but I could barely vector the engines. I've tried every different configuration of the Vernier engines at this point with and without MechJeb and I can't seem t
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