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  1. 1.11.2 DLC fr/linux are online on GOG, I could download and install them, thank you
  2. Hi again, I hate to insist, but the problem has never been fixed and is still on-going, now with version 1.11.2. It's not just a matter of not having the latest version, it's a matter of having paid for DLCs that I cannot install at all. They are not compatible with the published game version, and GOG does not allow rolling back to a previous version. Is this forum actually read by KSP staff member or other people officially related to Squad and/or Private Division? Would I have better chance for help if I asked in some other place? Thanks again, Xavier
  3. Hello, 1.11.1 has been released for quite some time now, and both linux version of vanilla and DLC are available in English language. However, regarding the localized versions (any non-English version) vanilla is 1.11.1 but DLCs are still 1.11.0. The problem is that 1.11.0 DLCs cannot be installed with the 1.11.1 game. And Gog do not let you choose version, so if you installed latest vanilla version you have no possibility to install the DLC (other than going for english version) Since localized linux Gog DLC version of the game is pretty much niche, I would guess that this
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