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  1. I really searched for it but I just can't find a link on KSP-Wiki or somewhere else that explains how Stock Inventory works. I thought in stock KSP the only use of the Inventory is to place these experiments. But the PakRat stuff doesn't fit into the Inventory of a Kerbal to place it so I thought that there was a different mechanic on how it works that was specific to your mod. But it seems now, that I just don't fully understand the Inventory yet. Sorry for that. If you know where I could find a good source about the Stock Inventory and how it works that would be super nice.
  2. This whole inventory stuff is new to me, how do I build the rover out of the inventory?
  3. Every cool mod that exists gets picked up by linuxgurugamer You probably have so much on your plate, but is there a way to update this mod to 1.11? Edit: I'm sorry it does work in 1.11 it just bugs out FMRS
  4. Is there a RemoteTech config for this mod?
  5. Is there a config for the KNES mod? All probe cores give me local control. Or is there a way I can manually add them to Remote Tech?
  6. So everything that you need for Global Construction has a MKS Equivalent and I can just delete all those parts? Thanks alot!
  7. So which parts can I delete from Global Construction? I'm sorry if this has already been answered, it's very hard to find definite answers.
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