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  1. Nice! I can't wait for the release of this, going interstellar and being able to build colonies all over the Kalaxy (It's funny because I added a "K") are two of the features I am most hyped for (following multiplayer, of course). By the looks of it (if the ending gameplay means anything) the next episode will have something big, a release date perhaps...
  2. I feature I feel would be nice is the ability to tweak the durability of parts, along with data showing how much pressure the parts can withstand, how fast of a collision it can withstand, and how well they can withstand entry of an atmosphere. Money wise, a lower durability means a lower cost, and higher durability means higher cost, duh. Now, the reason for doing this: There is no reason to have super durable parts on a low gravity planet/moon with no atmosphere like Minmus or Gilly, while it also makes sense for you to have high durability on a planet like Eve, for example.
  3. ya, now that I think about it Kerbals shouldve definitely discovered all the planets in the Kerbol system
  4. I think a really cool feature in KSP 2 would be that the player could discover the planets/moons in the game if the setting is toggled on. Basically, all planets/moons outside of Kerbin SOI will either be blurred, or completely invisable until the player discovers it.
  5. Better animations, basically just give more things animations so it seams more alive. For example: capsule doors
  6. I think they are replacing career with a new gamemode, we dont know much about it yet. Its called "adventure mode" or something like that.
  7. I would love the ability to add different mods to different save games. So that, for example, I could have a save game thats for a RSS playthrough and another for a mostly stock playthrough.
  8. I would love to throw around a space craft with IVA on, just watching the Kerbals bounce around
  9. I believe they do KSP 2 posts every other friday, not every friday (I may be wrong)
  10. What is the little rocket icon to the left of the time warp segmant for?
  11. Ya, thats one reason I can see them not doing it. Making a game the same for all players is probably very important
  12. While this isnt likely, I think it would be very cool if Intercept utilized the new fancy haptics in the DualSense. I think there should be haptics for different terrain (example: feeling different haptics for the Minmus Highlands vs the Minmus Flats), and aerodynamic effects (example: feeling a large rumble while entering a planets atmosphere).
  13. I just realized I posted this at 2 AM... I need to fix my sleep schedule
  14. Farlo Farlo is a small, icy planet that lives far away from a it's parent star. Farlo, despite it's small size, is a pretty dense body. The reason for it's density is that the iron core takes up a large chunk of it's structure (much like Mercury) giving it about the same gravity as The Mun, although being a bit smaller than Minmus. Farlo has 3 moons. Epim Epim is a captured asteroid about 2 times the size of Gilly, making it the second biggest, and closest, moon of Farlo. Epim is tidally locked, meaning that the side facing Farlo is elongated, while the side facing away, is not. Landing on Epim shouldn't be much of a struggle, with a gravity not much stronger than Gilly's. Lunum (Loon-uhm) Lunum formed from a collision between Farlo and a large asteroid, the collision leaving Farlo with a ring, and a dense iron core. The ring soon formed Lunam, the biggest, and the second closest, moon of Farlo. Lunam is about the size of Bop, making Lunum bigger than Farlo, but without much of a core, Lunum doesn't have much mass, so it only has about the gravity of Pol. Landing on Lunum shouldn't be much of a struggle. Milly Milly is a captured asteroid around the same size as Gilly, making it the smallest, and furthest, moon of Farlo. Unlike Epim, Milly is not tidally locked. Instead, it rotates 2 times a day. Landing on Milly would be a breeze, being Gilly's sister asteroid. I doubt some of this is scientifically accurate, but I just did this for fun, I did a bit of research (by that I mean quick Google searches), but overall I just wrote what came to my mind
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