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  1. Thanks Beale!!!!! It was perfect timing because it was just the point of installing the Docking Adapte. Lovely Work!!!!
  2. 0AeQMVJ.png

    1. James Kerman

      James Kerman

      That's a magnificent screenshot. :o

  3. Thank you until today i have 4817 hours of playtime
  4. Thats a case of "read the manual!"
  5. Can someone tell me what the hell this is? I didn't find any clues. Object just spawned in a near circular orbit around mun in career mode.
  6. Hello everybody! I'm new in the Forum but playing KSP since 2015. I just wanted to thank everybody contributing here. You brought Space closer to a lot of people and also to me! Thank you guys and keep going with your magnificent work!
  7. Finally the first Kerbal on mün... Neil A. Kerman salutes the kermerican flag. For all Kerbalkind!
  8. Finaly I decided to join the community. I'm playing KSP since 2015 and it never gets old. Its the greatest game!!! Currently i'm playing in carreer and from time to time i will share some pics of the progress. I am glad to be a member now of this great community. Fly safe
  9. No Krussian footprints for now........ but therefore wheeltracks.
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