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  1. Would be cool if you had a way to make the mini gates spawn randomly on planets and in orbit
  2. Does the sail have a dive computer, if not then it should
  3. Just spitballing here but couldn't you use the lem taxi varients tank with the lem decent engine as the engine to circularize at the mun and save the big g tanks for the return burn with a bit of help from the assent stage tanks
  4. Angel is an amazing modder, cant wait to see what they do for ksp 2, i hope there's a version of mk33 and dsev for ksp2
  5. Hippity hoppity you need to stopity I remember there once being cargo Geminis, what happened to those, what update were they removed in
  6. Id like a version of Gemini thats like the shuttles design with thermal blankets and thermal tiles
  7. I wish the Gemini big g modules had a modernized option like with the apollo capsule and heatsheild
  8. this is no where close to being released, the modeles arnt even textured *and likely wont be for a while as jade is focusing on their own stuff now* so yeah we are stuck for now
  9. Already planned, the bay will be empty but have a telescopic tube that will be 1.25 at the end but have an end varient for 0.975m like benjees cads docking ports When not using docking, the bay could be used for smallsats or science payloads
  10. Serv and murp may be added latet along with the jpl proposal but for right now its just shuttle 2 and dc3
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