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  1. Thanks, but unfortunately I'm not sure when I can complete this add-on. It contains a lot of bugs, KSP lacks good tutorials on how to create add-ons, so I'm looking for a solution to problems that arise for too long, it's tiring.
  2. And yet it does not work, perhaps because the animation works like a solar panel, and the "ModuleCargoBay" is superfluous, or I do not understand or do something wrong.
  3. The science lab was in development along with the station, but after the unity incident, I lost interest in this add-on, but it is not abandoned, but simply frozen. Possibly before the release of KSP 2.) It has a cargo hold, and the ship itself has room for a micro satellite. I will also develop a special rover for him. Yes, I thought about additional struts, although this is not a priority now, but the opening of the panels will remain at the same level. The start of the development of the first stage.
  4. Yes, but most likely it will not be possible to set up the cargo bay properly, because they work like solar panels. Although I'm not good at it.
  5. Thank you! but unfortunately I "lost" the files, now it will be very difficult to recover it. I know about the orbiter menu, infinite RCS is inconvenient though easy to fix, but right now minishuttle is not available in Unity and it will take a long time to set it up again. Now released a small patch that fixes the problem with the fragility of the solar panels on the shuttle, now they will not require jewelry landing: https://spacedock.info/mod/2678/KerbalMiniShuttle
  6. I decided to share progress, we can say that the spaceship itself is almost completed, it remains to make IVA and some edits, but there is no rocket yet. Full version of the spacecraft. Night flight (window glow texture in progress). Heat shield with closed dampers for motors. The upper part of the ship will have its own heat shield and engines. Encounter on the Moon! the main ship and its budget version.))
  7. There is no exact date, the add-on is still in development. I will announce its release in this thread.
  8. 6 kerbonauts Hi, it's not published yet.
  9. The old idea that I finally got to, even for a while abandoned the cruise rocket for the sake of this ship. (This is just part of the ship)
  10. V 1.5.1 1. Added a new (old) BTS texture. 2. Removed "Waterfall" support https://spacedock.info/mod/2678/KerbalMiniShuttle#changelog
  11. I can return its texture, but not the model, because the main model has changed and adding the old one does not make sense.
  12. Progress is ongoing, but in fact the textures are very rough, there is still a lot of work on them. Variant with a different texture. Without a winged block on the second stage. This is how it looks in the game now.
  13. Second stage texturing progress: Although still not completed
  14. Maximum size PL 5m. It might be useful, thanks! I don't know how to develop plugins, I'm also not familiar with KOS.
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