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  1. Is it normal that I cannot edit my own posts, including the first page?
  2. Sorry for the long absence and for not answering questions, it was a tough time, I finally completed this add-on and can present it to you. This add-on adds parts of a small shuttle to the game, which is capable of sending up in orbit Kerbin to 3-4 tons (!) It is difficult to find practical use for it, so I added an upper stage for it to deliver small satellites outside Kerbin's orbit, as well as the main part of a satellite running on a stock ion engine. A rocket, engines and a simple launch pad were also created for the shuttle.
  3. What does "Lights on / off doesn't seem to do anything in flight scene" mean? This may be translation difficulties, but if you mean the light of the windows then it works great) Also, I would like to know how you experienced it, that you faced serious control problems, because I still conduct tests and yes, sometimes it turns over, but not constantly, it is enough just to control it more smoothly, without very abrupt actions. Can try to do this, although now is busy with a vehicle for delivering it into space)
  4. Fixed, license only GPLv2. Thanks! For stock only : )
  5. So, I am ready to release the first beta version of an analogue aircraft for testing in the atmosphere, to be honest, I expected the worst, but still it is capable of taking off and landing. This is my first release of the add-on, so if you find any bugs please let know about them. Special thanks to @Alcentar for help with Unity, help with aerodynamics tuning, and tips for turbo engine animations!!! Release: https://spacedock.info/mod/2678/KerbalMiniShuttle?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'>
  6. Thanks! Actually no, from the beginning I said that there will be only three versions of the shuttle, not counting the test plane. And here is the latest version of the shuttle, it will be made in the style of benjee10. Thank you, really need it now! Thank you! I gradually began to understand this and find more and more information, it's time to start putting the knowledge gained into practice, but first I'll ask Alcentar for some nuances) I like the idea of the names of the gods from ancient Greek mythology, then I think it is possible to name t
  7. I think I'll have to turn to experienced modders for help, it's a pity that there is no tutorial on this issue. And here are the almost complete textures of two shuttles, and one test aircraft, this test aircraft will be introduced into the game first and will be released as a beta test, but first you need to figure out how to make it work in Unity)
  8. Actually, I think @Hohmannson is right, but I don’t know how to make the lift work in Unity because don’t find any tutorials.
  9. No, initially I planned to make it manageable, but at the moment decided to remake it and combine it with the rest of the model, I do not want to complicate the model, but maybe I will return to the original version again when I get more experience in creating mods.
  10. Do you mean little the back where the RCS? Sorry, it's just that English is not my native language and maybe I misunderstood you.)
  11. So, in 5 days I moved a little further, same began to make textures. there will be three types of switchable textures in total, i.e. three shuttles. Here is the first option, but the texture is certainly not complete) There should be no problems with textures, since me have experience in Photoshop.
  12. Some changes have been made to the model, although this is definitely not the final version.
  13. @Spaceman.Spiff @Beetlecat Hopefully someone really responds to help in case I get stuck at any point, but so far everything is going well enough.) @Gargamel It looks like I started the development thread in the wrong place, thanks for fixing my mistake, and the advices! @Hohmannson Yes, roughly understand how this should work, especially looking at some add-ons with shuttles. All thanks for the support)
  14. Thanks! Yes, I was inspired by the Soviet project MAKS, and Dream Chaser, so nothing surprising.
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