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  1. Visited inspiration and decided to make a video. Since recently I discovered myself in motion design, and was interested in the KSP theme, I decided to combine business with pleasure. I would like to share a little about the work process. I will try without any incomprehensible words It all starts with an idea. This is the main point. Those who watched the movie Inception will remember that the main goal of the protagonists was to sow an idea. So, after the idea that began to "sprout" in my thoughts, my imagination began to connect to do something creative for KSP. I started with a concept about how the video would be presented in an abstract form. To roughly understand the very idea in practice - already looking at it all with your eyes. All that is required to do this is to mold from primitives as soon as possible in order to understand how viable the idea is. Preview shot 1 Preview shot 2 After I have managed to see the simplest concept, I can slowly fill with the main objects, in our case spacecraft and so on, the planets of the Kerbol system and of course, nowhere without kerbonauts Now, of course, everything is in development and, if possible, I will try to present intermediate results. Here's a quick rundown on how to go from idea to implementation. Thank you for attention:) p.s. Sorry for my English
  2. So many replies! Thank you guys!!! I need to think about all information you said
  3. Also I find a fans of KSP, would like to talk about gameplay maybe. Nice to meet you, @James Kerman If you have some time maybe we could talk about ksp?
  4. Just want to invite some friends that likes space themes, but don't want to start gaming. How to get my friends interested? And what hooked you the most about the game?
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