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  1. Does the name of the folder matter? I renamed the folder to KPBS, maybe that's why it broke.
  2. Yes, you may attach a heat shield to your missile, but jettison it before impact
  3. The Challenge The Kerbals are waging war against the planets!!! Why? I don't know (perhaps because of ore deficiencies)... The Kerbals ask you to design and launch a missile that can bomb every single celestial body (including Kerbol). Each warhead+cruise stage launched MUST BE (from top to bottom): Advanced Nose Cone - Type A FL-T100 Fuel Tank (fuel locked) RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit FL-T400 Fuel Tank 48-7S "Spark" Liquid Fuel Engine DLC's are allowed, but no other mods (bar visual enhancements). Submission Criteria Post a screenshot of
  4. I don't understand what you are implying. Perhaps post a screenshot or two for some examples that you have?
  5. This technically works, but now I have these weird "sticks" that protrude up/down from the kick stage, making it unwieldly.
  6. I'm trying to create a spin-stabilized kick stage in KSP. I've got the spin-up sequence (easy, just put sepratrons at the center of mass) done, but want to perform a spin down by doing a yoyo-despin. Is there any compact way to do this without mods? I have both DLC's.
  7. I have a few hints regarding this challenge: Doing science on the surface until you can get the Survivability node If using rockets: Attaching radial parachutes to every rocket stage that will be "expended", putting the parachute staging icon along with the decoupler for that stage, and launching the rocket. Building science planes & SSTO's (probably the easiest)
  8. I edited the challenge to specify.
  9. The Challenge: Playing in SandBox mode with no mods (DLCs and graphics mods allowed), fully assemble a space station in low Kerbin orbit and fly it to Duna without reassembling the modules of the space station. NO STRAIGHT SPACE STATIONS, PLEASE!!! (You may not assemble the space station so that it is essentially one line of modules.) Submission criteria: Please attach a screenshot of your space station fully assembled in LKO, and a screenshot of it in Duna orbit. The least amount of struts used and the most space station branches (number of modules that are not aligned to the m
  10. 1000 tons is the payload mass. I'm assuming that the CN Tower had no fuel in it (or had fuel, but is unused). Your payload (CN Tower) must weigh at least 1000 tons, least partcount (rocket included) wins! Good luck
  11. I created an interstellar mod (don't ask me for it, it's still in its dev stage!!!), and need to launch several 2000+ ton starships into low Kerbin orbit for orbital assembly. Each starship covers at least half of the VAB's height, leaving almost no room for the launcher. Is there a way to build outside of the VAB in stock KSP, or do I need a mod to do this?
  12. I'm pretty new to modding and asset creation. I know how to edit DDS files, but I can't open the model.mu files. Is there a way for me to open and edit the MU files, or is it fine to just edit the DDS and leave the MU as is?
  13. @Nils277Are there any dependencies (required mods) for KPBS? If so, can you please list them? Because right now, the mod isn't loading (1.11.1)
  14. I am in SandBox mode, they aren't showing. I think KPBS requires other mods to function? If so, could you (or someone else) list them?
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