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  1. I'm playing a modded RSS without RO or Contract Configurator. I've been waiting for over 1000 days in-game time for a grand tour contract to appear, but none seem to be appearing. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I was completely unaware of this request as I didn't see it anywhere else in the forum thread. How do I close this thread?
  3. The stock KSP system is already exceptional, but those people with enough experience and skill might want to try playing KSP in RSS. I'm wondering if this could be applied in KSP 2 as a stock option (or DLC). Real parts could be included (RS-25 instead of Vector, adding the RS-68) with real stats, a true-scale system, etc. Maybe an option for nbody dynamics could be added? I'd really appreciate feedback on this suggestion.
  4. Playing RSS (no RO/RP-1) on a 1.11.2 save. I've mastered the stock system and have moved on to RSS but it's schooling me, especially with maneuver planning so I have Mechjeb and KER to work with. However, I'm struggling to create gravity assist chains, as Mechjeb doesn't support that. I've got an interplanetary spacecraft with about 5km/s of dV, so I can't really get that far without gravity assists. I'm planning to do multiple assists off of Earth by ejecting into a 2:3 resonant orbit. How can I launch into a resonant orbit which sends me into other resonant orbits? Is there a delta-v formula to calculate this? I've seen Stratenblitz and Bradley Whistance do these kinds of gravity assists and would like to know how they do it. Is there a plugin that I am missing that they use?
  5. I'm playing RSS without RO or RP-1. I have a contract where I need to collect 50% of the surface deployed seismic sensor so I smashed a 1.3 ton spent stage both on the other side of the Moon and also 50 meters next to the sensor at ~460-500 m/s, but I'm only getting a tiny bit of data (1E-29 and 1E-32 to be exact). What's going on, and how do I fix this? See the following reddit post for images.
  6. Thanks so much! I checked it out. Edit: Is it possible to do it with the stock system?
  7. I'm developing a multi-experiment part which has multiple experiments available. Can I do this by simply adding multiple ModuleScienceExperiment modules? If not, how can I do this?
  8. I want to make part upgrades in my mod, but I don't know how. Is there any way I can do this?
  9. I'm making an Milky-Way based interstellar planet pack with stars orbiting a central black hole. I need help turning Kerbol into a black hole and creating another Kerbol to replace the original Kerbol and have all Kerbol planets orbiting this one. How do I do this, and can anyone share some cfg files on how they did so? Thanks in advance.
  10. Heya, WarpPrime here. Recently I've created a KSP mod bundle to add random parts that may or may not be helpful, depending on your kerbal mindset. Along with this, I've added a RealPlume patch to the engine-related parts so if you need those nice exhaust effects you'll be set there. Enjoy! Unfortunately, this mod is not compatible with Community Tech Tree or any other tech tree mods. If you have any concerns and/or suggestions, please reply in this thread and I will respond as soon as possible. Screenshots and teasers coming soon. Download links here: WarpPrimeWeaponry: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/warpprime-weaponry RealPlume pack: https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/warpprime-weaponry-exhaust-effects
  11. I am creating a tech tree extension for a mod I'm making. When I load up KSP and go to R&D, the hover text says "No text", while the green gear hover is working, see this image https://imgur.com/a/xhAnok4. Also, the arrows linking nodes are missing as well. The image src in the patch cfg exist, but they won't get loaded (Path TechTree/Icons/foo). The other parameters look correct, help is appreciated. The source for the tech tree can be found here: https://www.filemail.com/d/euslkerwqqumkob. Help is appreciated. Edit: Source code cfg here: @TechTree { RDNode { id = giganticRocketry title = Gigantic Rocketry description = Who needs size limits? Just make the VAB bigger! cost = 1500 hideEmpty = False nodeName = wp_giganticRocketry anyToUnlock = True icon = TechTree/Icons/giganticRocketry pos = -956,1716,0 scale = 0.6 Parent { parentID = veryHeavyRocketry lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } } // High Risk Rocketry Branch RDNode { id = dangerousRocketry title = High-Risk Rocketry I description = New, untested parts, ready for explosion! Use at your own risk. cost = 1500 hideEmpty = False nodeName = wp_danger anyToUnlock = True icon = TechTree/Icons/dangerousRocketry pos = -956,1635,0 scale = 0.6 Parent { parentId = veryHeavyRocketry lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } } RDNode { id = veryDangerousRocketry title = High-Risk Rocketry II description = Have some fun by testing manufacturers' newest parts! cost = 2000 hideEmpty = False nodeName = wp_verydanger anyToUnlock = True icon = TechTree/Icons/veryDangerousRocketry pos = -776,1635,0 scale = 0.6 Parent { parentId = dangerousRocketry lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } } RDNode { id = defenseSystems title = Defense Systems description = You can never be too safe, research this tech to ensure the beloved space program doesn't get destroyed! cost = 2000 hideEmpty = False nodeName = wp_defense anyToUnlock = True icon = TechTree/Icons/defenseSystems pos = -776,1716,0 scale = 0.6 Parent { parentId = dangerousRocketry lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } } }
  12. I have installed Real-Exoplanets and OPM to augment KSP, as well as some other mods, here is the full list: Squad (base KSP) SquadExpansion (both expansions) ModuleManager 001_ToolbarControl WarpPrimeWeaponry EditorExtensionsRedux CTTP ModularFlightIntegrator OPM Kopernicus 000_ClickThroughBlocker CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack PlanetaryBaseInc BetterTimeWarp REX-Textures RealExoplanets VesselMover KSPModFileLocalizer.dll I'm trying to get to Alpha Centauri but I can't see any ascending/descending nodes, periapsis or apoapsis because I am escaping Kerbol and the trajectory cuts off at around ~1000 Gm. How can I bypass this and view my whole trajectory?
  13. Ok, I solved the problem. Because when a Kerbal is flying, the part mass is unlimited, so I had Karen drop the cylinder while flying. Apparently the cylinder teleported 100 meters away from the ship; fortunately its mass was reset. I was able to recover the cylinder but Karen needs to send a call to the manager later...
  14. I'm trying to fix a broken ore transfer vehicle by rearranging parts and attaching two 1P2 Hydraulic Cylinders. One of them is normal, weighing 0.052 tons, but the other weighs 20 for some reason and I am unable to use it. Help! Screenshot for reference: https://imgur.com/a/E9ypCwx
  15. Does the name of the folder matter? I renamed the folder to KPBS, maybe that's why it broke.
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