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  1. Need to deliver a high-profile payload? Simply use a Saturn INT-17 (plus some cool probe screenies because who doesn't love them)
  2. Saturn M22 (sorry for the lack of posts my motivation to make ksp content dropped dramatically because of bugs and crashes, but now everything works so I'm back :D) (forgot to install new version because I was lazy so no fireballs for you)
  3. It all started when I got ksrss 0.7, now I can't play regularly because O can't access the map screen without freezing the entire pc Tried to switch to stock system but the problem persists
  4. Can't enter the KK menu (Ctrl+k) and there's no structures (e.g KSC extended launch pads)
  5. Anyone having issues with Kerbal Konstructs not working with the latest version of BH? PSA: ksp version 1.11.2
  6. Kerbal Konstructs doesn't work for me in JNSQ, along with the prebuilt airports/launchsites Anyone know what's causing this? (Latest Version of JNSQ/ game ver 1.11.2)
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