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  1. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/122020-1125-bluedog-design-bureau-stockalike-saturn-apollo-and-more-v1120-песок-13jan2023/&do=findComment&comment=4203065
  2. Final Status update It's hard to do it but I'm giving up on this post, there's no point of posting anymore KSP2 is just around the corner, and I don't really have the motivation to open ksp these days I want to keep this as some sort of memorial for anyone to see through it To anyone who was following this, I want to say thank you And thus, this is the end I guess
  3. UPDATE: This thread isn't dead by any means, it's just that I got demotivated and haven't touched ksp in over a month Maybe I will return to it (I have pictures for 2 more posts, waiting to be posted)
  4. (small update) The reason why the post above is incomplete is due to irl problems and stuff Maybe I will repost it again in 2 days
  5. IV-First Crewed Lunar Expedition By the start of January 1996 the crew selection process is closed and 5 members from 3 different agencies are chosen for the first crewed lunar expedition to ILOP on Block IV-B | Serenity The crew members that will fly on the first long-duration lunar expedition since the Apollo program are: Vassily Bortnik - Russia (Interkosmos) Salvatore Moretti - Italy (Interkosmos) Aleksander Balinski - Poland (Interkosmos) Daiki Ito - Japan (JAXA) Kenneth Johnson - United States (NASA) A targeted launch date is now chosen, targeting NET June 1996 after training, launching on Saturn IV+ A crew-rated variant capable of sending 20 tons to Lunar Orbit 5 months later... June 24th 1996 - 1300 UTC, Saturn IV+ sitting on LC-39A with all 5 crew members aboard Serenity Liftoff of Serenity - 1420 UTC Max-Q | Crew reporting that everything is nominal T+ 2 mins, Nominal Ascent Profile T+ 2 mins 30 seconds, Nearing SRMU Burnout T+ 3 mins, SRMU Burnout and separation T+ 3 mins 25 seconds, Nearing MECO T+ 3 mins 40 seconds, MECO and S-IVE Separation T+ 3 mins 45 seconds, S-IVE ignition T+ 6 mins, S-IVE cutoff and crew preparation for TLI T+ 20 mins, Evaluating spacecraft systems in preparation for TLI T+ 45 mins, S-IVD relighting for TLI T+ 50 mins, SECO-2 T+ 53 mins, Transposition and Docking T+ 55 mins, Separation of Serenity from S-IVD T+ 4 days, Lunar Orbit Insertion T+ 4 days 2 hours, Rendezvous burn T+ 4 days 3 hours, 190m away from ILOP T+ 4 days 3 hours 10 mins, 95m away from station T+ 4 days 3 hours 18 mins, 20m away from station T+ 4 days 3 hours 18 mins, soft docking is confirmed, moving on to hard-dock T+ 4 days 3 hours 20 mins, successful docking on the port side of ILOP And that marks the first ever crewed lunar mission since Apollo in the 60s, the crew will spend the next 6 months abroad the station collecting valuable scientific data that could help future missions
  6. III-Prosperity Science And Logistics Module (PSLM) Launch, With a revision of the current Lunar Station Program Following the creation of the Trinity program, it became inevitable that NASA should open its lunar program to International space agencies such as Interkosmos and JAXA Interkosmos - an European-Russian Based Space Agency that was formed in 1993 following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, which aims to expand the combined efforts of both the former ESA and Roscosmos into a joint program based around LEO flights and beyond. The agency includes the aforementioned ESA and Russia alongside other countries in the former Communist Bloc The first Non-American Module Prosperity will be delivered to the station in August 1995 using Apollo Block IV-C, after an agreement between Interkosmos and NASA in mid-1994 to provide a station-expansion program for future joint Lunar landing missions no later than 2000 by increasing the current planned 5 crew capacity to 12. This agreement also includes the renaming of the station From Trinity station to International Lunar Orbiting Platform (or ILOP for short) And as usual ULA will provide the launching services for NASA for the planned 5-year station servicing program using the new Delta IV series of rockets Prosperity Science And Logistics Module (PSLM) Launch - August 2nd 1995 Liftoff Max-Q Nearing SRB Burnout SRB Burnout and Separation Fairing Separation with a perfect view of PSLM BECO Followed by Stage Separation Circularization TLI - Trans-Lunar Injection PSLM on the way to the moon Cruise LOI - Lunar Orbit Insertion, Followed by Rendezvous Burn 100m away from ILOP Final Docking Procedures Successful docking of PSLM to ILOP Crew selection process will start on August 31st 1995, ending in January 4th 1996
  7. II- Harmony Launch and Future Plans for a modernized crewed system based around previous Apollo hardware Following the successful launch of Trinity I Space Station Core Module, A Docking Port Adapter that converts the NASA LIDS docking system to the bigger CADS (CBM) docking system to accommodate the new Apollo derivative dubbed "Apollo²" by the PR department, but after multiple suggestions the actual name that ended up being chosen is Apollo Block IV with multiple variants for various uses These variants include: Block IV-A: A smaller variant for LEO which also doubles as a ferry for future LEO stations Block IV-B: Circumlunar/Deep Space variant which will use the new CADS docking system Block IV-C: Uncrewed Cargo variant, which could be used for LEO or modified for servicing the new Trinity Lunar Station Whilst the new Apollo Block IV is in development, A new launch system is now finally made (which also includes new variants but that will be later on) Meet the Saturn IV, A modernized take on the Venerable Saturn which also happens to launch the Harmony Docking Adapter today to the moon, this launch also doubles as a test for the Block IV service module Saturn IV Background and Development: Trinity II (Harmony) launch | T-3 seconds before liftoff Liftoff and Max-Q Seconds before Engine cutoff S-ID and S-IVD separation, followed by ignition Fairing Separation, revealing Harmony Cruise LOI - Lunar Orbit Insertion Rendezvous Burn Ascent 3.2 miles/2km away from Trinity Station And now Trinity is ready for accommodating a crew of 3 right now, and to be expanded upon later on
  8. Chapter I - Circumlunar Flights After the success of the Venerable Apollo Program from the 60s and the subsequent Apollo Applications Program in the 70s and early 80s, NASA tried to expand their efforts into other ventures such as Crewed Lunar Stations whilst leading subsequently to much higher stakes missions For now efforts are now focused on building a permanent Lunar Station dubbed "Trinity" as a base for future lunar landings by early to mid 2000s, For now United Launch Alliance is now providing launch services for NASA whilst developing a Heavy lift launch vehicle for future use I- Trinity 1 Launch of Trinity atop a Delta IV-B - 1994 Max Q Nearing Booster separation Booster Separation Second Stage Separation Fairing Deployment TLI Burn Separation of Trinity following the TLI Burn Mid-Course Correction LOI - Lunar Orbit Insertion And the first ever lunar station is now orbiting in a highly-elliptical orbit around the moon to provide downlink back to the KSC now matter what the orientation
  9. Intro I've always been intrigued by Post-Apollo concepts and alternate timelines including AAP (Apollo Applications Program) and others like David S. F. Portree's NSOD's timeline and Eyes Turned Skywards; So I wondered what would Apollo look like in a modern setting based around mid to late 90s This timeline won't just include Apollo (which I will have my own take on), it will also include other things like Space stations and uncrewed missions and so on Note: This alternate timeline takes place in the Tempus System - A part of the Beyond Home mod by @Gameslinx Main Inspiration @TruthfulGnome's Awesome No Shortage Of Dreams Skylab Alternative History @Jay The Amazing Toaster's Kānāwai: Ares To Mars @Talverd's Chasing Dreams Alternative History Shuttle Timeline nik "hound" proxima on Twitter for the title name suggestion, Check out their Proxima AH as well https://twitter.com/defconlove?t=nb89xicwfRXQ-tXG6DQ-zw&s=09 And The Mod Creators who contributed to the parts used in my builds
  10. It's not really based on anything tbh, just something I wanted to make Also it somewhat resembles Nuclear Shuttle Concept
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