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  1. Saturn M22 (sorry for the lack of posts my motivation to make ksp content dropped dramatically because of bugs and crashes, but now everything works so I'm back :D) (forgot to install new version because I was lazy so no fireballs for you)
  2. It all started when I got ksrss 0.7, now I can't play regularly because O can't access the map screen without freezing the entire pc Tried to switch to stock system but the problem persists
  3. Can't enter the KK menu (Ctrl+k) and there's no structures (e.g KSC extended launch pads)
  4. Anyone having issues with Kerbal Konstructs not working with the latest version of BH? PSA: ksp version 1.11.2
  5. Kerbal Konstructs doesn't work for me in JNSQ, along with the prebuilt airports/launchsites Anyone know what's causing this? (Latest Version of JNSQ/ game ver 1.11.2)
  6. This looks really good, but are we getting other pads like SLC-05/06 and SLC-36A/B?
  7. @Invaderchaos sorry for ping but, can we get an identical Titan IV SRM nose separation motor in terms of looks? (pic for reference)
  8. @Pappystein I recall you posting on github asking for a new LR87 config (Specifically AJ-11A for Titan IV), are you still interested in it or?
  9. Looks awesome and all but does it have a huge impact on performance like EVO or PRVE?
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