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  1. I don't really have time to support this mod at the moment, working 8 hour shifts and working out kills my free time, I take a look at it once I have some spare time
  2. Express install already includes rssve, its understandable that they are conflicting. Im not actively supporting this mod anymore.
  3. I think the speed of the cloud shadows still hasn't been changed, this isn't noticable though
  4. Yeah, I'm ising your Vintage tufx profiles for a very special video powered by Saturn MLV... Edit: What is Luna64? Can't find anything about it Cheers! Thanks, forgot about this!
  5. Oh, my bad, messed up with gge. Fix in the making! You will be credited, my bad! Edit: Ballisticfox0: Gas giants enchanced. Are you involved in another mod?
  6. This is a limitation of how Eve renders the terrain, Its only rendered at a specific altitude, I was personally focused on LEO, the Ground hasn't been really taken care of. I'm fully aware of this issue. I will work on figuring out a fix!
  7. Can I disable the technology taking time to research? 800 days on some stuff is stetching out my timeline. RP1 is great! Never had that much fun in KSP! And don't forget: "No pain no game!"
  8. I'm uploading the fixed version of RVE 2.0 currently, the clouds not showing up problem is fixed now.
  9. Nope, this problem is still WIP as is the whole visual package Better visuals and personal preference, easier to use and better looking bloom / eye adaptation. Don't just copy rve2 inside evo, it wont work since I just used the clouds and atmo cfgs from EVO
  10. Please Move my thread: From addon-releases to addon-development. Thanks in advance!
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