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  1. This pack is beautiful. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised someone hasn't created a brand new, up-to-date package covering the CNSA fleet. I've definitely encountered a large amount of people interested in having similar parts to play around with. Not only is their agency extremely successful, their vehicles just look amazing. They are aesthetically pleasing & HIGHLY capable & reliable vehicles. Not to mention, they are the only other agency to have successfully launched humans & a functioning orbital laboratory. This thread slowly coming to a close might finally be the mot
  2. Whoa, I did not know this existed. Thanks for posting, glad I stumbled upon it. I had this problem, too. If you switch editors & switch back, it should fix it for now. I haven't tried to find a fix yet, but I noticed it was fixed when I moved from SPH to VAB to add the ET/Booster stack. Don't know how consistent it is, but figured I'd say something.
  3. Just wondering if you could customize sites in RP-1 career mode. I'm also wondering if there is a location that shows the best static packs, or if the main ones mentioned are really the only ones.
  4. I'm sure this has probably been asked a few times, just seeing if I could get a quick answer, sorry. I'm wondering if it's possible to customize Kennedy Space Center in an RP-1 save to use throughout my career? Create custom sites for use in RP-1 career?
  5. Are there any other packs that coincide directly with OPM/Extrasolar? I know there are plenty of other stock systems, but are there any made specifically to go alongside this duo? Other star systems or other bodies/objects around Kerbol/Valentine? EDIT: Question answered.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked already, just seeing if I can get a quick answer. When using multiple launch sites, is it possible to take off with a plane from one space center runway, land at a different space center runway, then recover the plane to the SPH of the landing destination? Then refuel & take off again from that runway?
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