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  1. You can ask, but I can't guarantee that I'll know the answer. First, however, make sure you're using the latest version of the mod. The missiles detonating a few seconds after switching vessels was due to floating origin shifts and was fixed in v1.5.1.0.
  2. OK, version 1.24.0 is released. Improvements / Bugfixes: Initialise the "maxRelV" numeric field properly so that the field-width parameter is 6, not the min value. Cache the atmospheric audio sound clips to avoid GC allocations. Include the fix (from BDArmory) for Apple Silicon (M1 chip) not calculating sqrt properly when multiplied by a float. https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/m1-incorrect-calculation-of-values-using-multiplication-with-mathf-dot-sqrt-when-an-unused-variable-is-declared Add an auto-landing option to the stationary camera. Without "Maintain Vel." enabled, the position of the camera is based on the vessel's current position. With "Maintain Vel." enabled, the position of the camera is based on the vessel's predicted terrain intercept if it follows a ballistic trajectory (no drag). The altitude of the camera above the terrain is defined by the "Up" component of the "Manual Flyby Position". An extra horizontal offset is defined by the "Fwd" (in the vessel's velocity direction when activated) and "Right" components.
  3. So, something like this: That's with the "Maintain Vel." enabled where it's trying to predict where the landing will occur if the craft follows a ballistic trajectory. Without "Maintain Vel." it'll use the craft's current X,Y position. The altitude above the terrain of the camera is the "Up" component of the "Manual Flyby Position" and any extra offset is specified with the "Fwd" (aligned with the vessel's horizontal velocity when activated) and "Right" components. Also, don't mind my poor flying skills...
  4. I just saw this now since the edit didn't trigger a notification... anyway, what's missing from the patriot missile launcher? (If you can't post a pic, maybe upload the pic somewhere else like imgur and just link to it?)
  5. That sounds like something that would fit within the stationary camera mode as a "landing shot" toggle. I think it should be relatively easy to implement by clamping the stationary camera's position to Z metres above ground level. I can envision two modes for it: Without "Maintain Vel." enabled, which would work as you describe it where the camera's X,Y position is based on the craft's position + offsets when it's first enabled. With "Maintain Vel." enabled, which would predict where the craft is going to land (it may be a bit tricky to calculate this accurately, but shouldn't be too hard if assumptions are made about constant vertical deceleration and reasonably flat terrain at the landing spot) and use that as the camera's X,Y position + offsets when it's first enabled. This should allow for landers that aren't particularly vertical, though it'd become more imprecise the less vertical the landing is.
  6. They're just part of the main KSP.log file and show up as lines starting with "[LOG 04:32:44.830] [CameraTools]: ...", but they're fairly sparse unless you set DEBUG = True file in the GameData/CameraTools/PluginData/settings.cfg (which will also display some debugging info on-screen). The warnings about texture resolution and compression aren't a problem. Btw, you do have the "Keypad Control" toggle enabled near the bottom of the CameraTools menu, don't you? (enableKeypad = True in the settings.cfg file.)
  7. If you can bind the keys, then you should be able to use them to control the camera movement (note that they'll only affect the camera when CameraTools is active). Also, note that the defaults (written as [0], for example) are for the keypad, not the row above the qwerty row (just in case you're trying to use those). Maybe you have some other mod that's interfering with keyboard input? Check for lines starting with "[EXC" or "[ERR" in the KSP.log file (in the main KSP folder) for any issues that might be related to CameraTools (or other mods).
  8. v1.23.0 of CameraTools is now released, available via SpaceDock or GitHub. Improvements / Bugfixes: Fix some memory leaks detected by KSPCF. Refactor integration with other mods into their own files (mostly). Some BDArmory-related settings may need resetting. Allow deploying to multiple KSP instances when compiling in Linux. Add speed free-move mode for keyboard input (default toggle 2). Toggling this resets the speed to zero. Disabled when in numeric input mode. Update numeric input fields when making changes with keyboard input. Add display field-width parameter to numeric input fields.
  9. Yes, but I don't have much experience with it. @josuenos would be the one to ask about configuring it if the comments in the ecmj131.cfg aren't sufficient.
  10. For relative bearing between two latitude/longitude coords, you need to use the Haversine formulation, see http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html. From what it sounds like you're doing, you want to use the latitude/longitude components of TargetSignatureData.geoPos and that of the current vessel (from FlightGlobals.currentMainBody.GetLatitudeAndLongitude(FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.transform.position)) in the formula for the bearing on that site.
  11. The latest version of BDA+ (v1.5.2.0) is now available from https://github.com/BrettRyland/BDArmory/releases/tag/v1.5.2.0. SpaceDock is currently having some issues, so it'll be uploaded there once those are resolved. Edit: SpaceDock is working again! https://spacedock.info/mod/2487/BDArmory Plus#changelog
  12. Pretty much, though you'll need to increase the default range of PRE (the max visual range of the WM in BDArmory is 200km) and KSP can sometimes have some issues with vessels entering/leaving the PRE range.
  13. It should be possible to add something like that. The easiest way I can think of doing so would be to have a toggle between keyboard input affecting position and affecting velocity, with an extra key that smoothly decelerates the velocity to zero.
  14. The next release (coming soon) has a number of fixes for ballistic weapons in orbit. In the meantime, check these out: and
  15. Hi. I guess that depends a bit on how SWE/Waterfall does the actual replacement of the plumes. BDArmory's missiles use a pair of models that get added to the missile when they're loaded in flight mode during OnStart (see MissileLauncher.cs#L2443 and where it's called from MissileLauncher.cs#L426) and removed again when the missile gets destroyed. It's done this way to avoid leaking KSPParticleEmitters since KSP is so bad at letting go of part references. E.g., the AIM-9 uses the following in its config: exhaustPrefabPath = BDArmory/Models/exhaust/smallExhaust boostExhaustPrefabPath = BDArmory/Models/exhaust/mediumExhaust If SWE/Waterfall can simply replace those models on the fly (e.g., with simple models containing an appropriate ModuleEngine via a MM patch or similar), then that might be enough to make it work.
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