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  1. I don't think so. That'd cause lots of issues with the namespace of the second loaded version of the DLL colliding with that of the first. Even if the namespaces were different, if both versions were active simultaneously, they'd be trying to steal the camera parent transform from each other the whole time. I've been working on this and have fixed the reverse fly-by effect, but also found that some of the weirdness was related to the corrections for the floating origin shifts and the krakensbane velocity reference frame corrections, which is also what's behind the broken "Maintain Velocity" setting within certain altitude ranges. Once I've got that working properly, I'll release a new version.
  2. Those are normal log entries for CameraTools. I'd need to see more of the KSP.log to diagnose the issue, but first check that you don't have multiple copies of the DLL installed as that can lead to such an issue.
  3. Ah, OK, that should be a simple fix to make work again. Edit: I removed the limitation on negative "max relative velocity", but it's giving weird effects with the camera panning back and forwards. I'm going to need to investigate this a bit more to fix it properly.
  4. Restoring the original field of view of the camera (and zoom) is intentional as otherwise it messes with other modes (e.g., changing zoom in pathing mode, then switching to dogfighting mode would keep the modified zoom which just looks bad). Probably the easiest solution to this is to make a toggle for resetting the FoV or not when exiting/changing modes and leave it up to the user. Edit: thinking about it a bit more, a better solution might be to remember the last used zoom in each mode and set that when entering that mode. Were these even possible with the stationary camera before? I only recall seeing the options for the initial placement of the camera and whether the initial velocity should be maintained. I can see about adding a constant velocity (respecting the reference frame) option to the "stationary" camera mode that would allow this. Until then, you could probably set this up without too much difficulty in pathing mode.
  5. v1.19.2 of CameraTools is now released. Changelog: Bugfixes: Check for the flight camera being null on startup (caused by other modules crashing KSP). Fix check for secondary camera target priorities in dogfight mode with BDArmory (incoming missiles are prioritised, then incoming fire, then current vessel's target). Ignore maxRelV when random mode is enabled (should fix badly placed stationary camera on vessel switches). Improvements: Allow the stationary camera to be placed up to 5km higher to avoid potential terrain line-of-sight issues.
  6. OK, fair enough. I don't think I'll add it then.
  7. That should be possible, but I have some questions as how it ought to be implemented: How would such camera shake be simulated to give the feeling of a handheld camera? I'm thinking that Brownian motion with a Gaussian distribution and a bias back to the centre might give the desired effect, but I'm not sure if there isn't a better way. How would it scale with zoom level? Would it be fixed or scale linearly, polynomially or logarithmically with zoom? Would it apply to all camera modes or just some of them? For this, I'm thinking that it only really makes sense in Stationary and Pathing modes.
  8. No, not yet. I've been working on BDArmory lately and other real-life stuff. I did investigate it quite some time ago when I first took over Camera Tools, but didn't manage to figure out why it does that.
  9. I've just checked CameraTools on KSP 1.11.2 and verified that it does show the icon and work properly on that version of KSP. (There's nothing that CameraTools uses in KSP's API that has changed recently, so even much older versions of KSP should be fine.) Your installation must have been messed up. Make sure you don't have multiple copies of the DLLs lying around your GameData folder.
  10. v1.19.1 of CameraTools is now released. Changelog: Bugfixes: Fix random mode transitions that got broken in the last release. Delay activating the new camera mode on vessel switches until LateUpdate for all camera modes, not just dogfight mode. Reset the zoom slider when resetting the FOV. Auto-switch the auto-zoom to regular zoom when entering pathing mode as pathing only uses the regular zoom. Remove the temporaryRevert code (I think that was a Scott Manley hack). Improvements: Adds autoEnableOverride for BDArmory's tournament inter-round time-warping. Note: I've looked into manually adding in doppler effects (as discussed earlier), but I don't think it's possible to implement it properly. Some issues that prevent it are: Lack of an event for when a new AudioSource appears. The approach I was thinking to use was to directly modify the pitch of AudioSources, but this has two problems: It ought to be modified on the AudioListener instead, since if there's more than one AudioListener then the AudioSources can't be modified for the doppler effect on both listeners simultaneously. There's no event for when the pitch gets modified by some other mod (or KSP itself) and no guarantee that they wouldn't be modifying it based on the value that CameraTools modified it to instead of its original value.
  11. OK, so after a bit of testing, the "Maintain Vel." setting is broken in certain ranges of altitudes for some unknown reason: Below 100km above Kerbin and with "Use Orbital" enabled, it adds some extra velocity to the camera. Between 70km and 100km above Kerbin and with "Use Orbital" disabled, it adds some extra velocity to the camera. The amount of velocity added doesn't seem to correspond to anything, but it does appear to be consistent. There doesn't appear to be any significant change in FloatingOrigin or Krakensbane values between <100km and >100km.
  12. No, the camera parent transform tracks the CoM of the active vessel between physics updates and the local position of the camera transform (i.e., the offset from the parent transform) is adjusted based on this change of CoM (and floating origin changes) to maintain its position, so changes to a vessel's CoM shouldn't affect the positioning of the camera (unless the speed is greater than Max Rel. V, in which case it will be moved to account for this). I'll look into it. It ought to make the "stationary" camera move at the velocity of the craft at the time the stationary camera was started. If "Use Orbital" is selected, then the "initial velocity" is adjusted to follow the orbit. If the craft's velocity (or orbit) isn't changing with respect to its initial velocity (or orbit), then maybe the "Max Rel V." setting is causing the camera to move?
  13. v1.19.0 of CameraTools is now released. Changelog: Improvements Use a more stable direction for dogfight mode when the vessel is bobbing around on the ocean. Auto-Enable for BDArmory when using surface AIs too. Interpolation rate setting renamed to 'Secondary Smoothing', which takes values in the linear range from 0 to 1 to try to give the user a more intuitive understanding of what the setting does. Actual Lerp values are calculated as 10 ^ {-2 * secondary smoothing} (i.e., 1 to 0.01). Old paths are automatically upgraded to use the new variable. The default hotkey for toggling the menu is now [0] (keypad 0) to avoid a conflict with the new AI GUI in BDArmory, which uses [/]. A variety of QoL improvements for pathing mode by HatBat: Keys created during path playback are now automatically inserted at the current path time. Useful for molding paths in to specific shapes. Added a 'Maintain Speed' button to the keyframe editor that adjusts the duration of the current keyframe to approximately match the speed between the previous two keyframes. Useful for smoothly extending paths and correcting speed inconsistencies in complex paths. Camera updates can now be switched between Update or 'Real-time' and FixedUpdate or 'In-Game Time'. 'Real-time' creates smoother paths and works while the game is paused, which helps to reduce lag, while 'In-Game Time' is useful for making sure pathing speed is consistent with game physics and that none of the path is skipped when processing footage to remove lag. See FFmpeg's mpdecimate. New keyframes created while CameraTools is inactive are now correctly started at the current camera position, rather than on top of the vessel facing down or inside the vessel, and use the stock zoom. Path playback now starts from the selected keyframe if one is selected. Useful for previewing small changes to long paths. The flight camera now correctly reverts to its original distance, orientation, zoom state and mode when pathing is deactivated. Camera zoom is now updated immediately rather than gradually when selecting a keyframe or starting a path. [7]/[1] now moves the pathing camera up/down relative to the frame instead of the ground. This functionality was previously on the scroll wheel. Vertical movement with the mouse is now triggered by holding both the middle and left mouse buttons and moving the mouse forward/backward (replaces the previous scroll wheel functionality). Holding keypad Enter (configurable) modifies the reference frame for movement to be relative to the vessel instead of the camera. Also, left/right and forward/backward are reversed for more natural movement when viewing the vessel from the front, which is the typical use-case. The scroll wheel now adjusts the move speed while the pathing camera is active. This is useful for quickly switching between fine adjustments and repositioning of the camera. The default time increment for new keys has been changed back to 10 seconds from 1 second. This is a more practical default path length and makes manually inserting new keys easier. The default rotation interpolation mode is now CubicSpline, was previously Slerp. The last path you used is now remembered between restarts. The GUI no longer closes on pressing save. Replaced by a bit of visual feedback. Useful for habitual save pressers.
  14. OK, thanks! I'll check it out shortly. I'm fairly busy with work and trying to get the next bugfix release of BDArmory sorted out at the moment, but I should have time to look at it within the next week.
  15. Check that you don't have any old dlls lying around that are interfering. There should be only one line in the KSP.log with something like AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at /######/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/CameraTools/Plugins/CameraTools.dll Also, check that you don't have Random Mode enabled, that's gives the same as "Auto Flyby" when it chooses the stationary camera. Otherwise, I'm not really sure why it's not working properly for you.
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