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  1. If you set "Kerbal Safety" to "full" so that kerbals try to eject from parts when they're destroyed, it'll still sometimes yeet them into orbit before they're properly instantiated in the game, then, since they're EVA kerbals, KSP will automatically try to switch the camera to them, frequently breaking the view frustrum in the process and crashing KSP. It's something I never managed to work around. "partial" safety (just deploying parachutes on existing EVA kerbals) works fine though.
  2. Yep, I was talking about BDArmory. I'm sure KSP is just as bad, if not worse, though. BahamutoD's earliest commit dates back to: Fri Jul 11 20:00:40 2014 -0400, so BDArmory itself is over 8 years old. I don't really see any reason not to have it, but I'm sure SI has his reasons. We can ask him about it on discord. Randomly tweaking the reload rates would start with a synchronised salvo that slowly becomes desynchronised assuming the guns can all stay on target. I don't think that that'd give a convincing "rippling" salvo. I think what you're asking for is more like the barrage mode, but with the fire timing between the guns not equally spaced. I'll have a play with it and see what I can come up with. This is more SI's area though.
  3. Well, that's just rude. BDA+ contains almost 83k lines of code and spans many years of development and many maintainers. While we try to test and fix as much as we can, there's still a lot of undocumented legacy code that can cause strange issues when we make changes. When we find issues such as the AI of the active vessel not firing (as in this case) then it's important to get out a bugfix release as quickly as possible. Lesser bugs can wait for the next release.
  4. This should now be fixed in v1.5.5.1. The action group for "Fire Missile" in the WM (as opposed to the one in each missile) should only ever fire a single missile. The hotkey for firing missiles should now respect the single/ripple setting.
  5. OK. It looks like I broke something. If you enable "debug lines" it should work. Something else also broke though with the AI of the active weapon not automatically firing that I'm looking into.
  6. That's what the green "New issue" button on the right is for https://github.com/BrettRyland/BDArmory-Extended/issues Btw, it's on the same github account (mine) as the main BDA+ to keep stuff together with BDA+, but I'm not one of the devs that add stuff to it.
  7. Not yet, no, but you can submit requests as "issues" on github. If they don't think it fits with the mod then they might be able to suggest better places to request the part. If the part requires extra functionality in BDA+ in order to make the it work, then we can add the support for it (if it's not super complicated), but BDA+ itself is only meant to have a couple of parts demonstrating each of the various functionalities it supports. According to the licences he used, yes, you can post his stuff without permission, but that was more of a mistake in the licensing on his part. According to others I know who were close to him, he had reasons for taking his stuff offline and was strongly opposed to others sharing it.
  8. BDArmory Plus v1.5.5.0 is now available on SpaceDock, GitHub and CKAN. It includes a bunch of fixes for various things and many of the above requests, except for the part requests by @Kerbal410 since (as mentioned previously) BDA+ is a framework for other mods to provide parts. I'd suggest making those part requests to the BDArmory-Extended mod instead.
  9. It should automatically deploy when the missiles it contains are selected and retract otherwise. I see there is an event for doing so (the toggle button in the PAW), but not an action group. I can add an action group hook for it.
  10. You should definitely ask his permission (and respect whatever answer he gives) before doing something like that.
  11. Ah, I see, yeah, I should be able to add an action group entry for that. If you enable Debug Lines in the debugging options, you'll see the path the rocket would be expected to take if there was no noise in it's thrusting direction.
  12. I think they just need to be configured as a rocket pod to be jettisonable. Rocket turrets aren't jettisonable.
  13. The LMB (default fire key) will fire a missile if it's selected and armed. Unguided rockets (e.g., hydra 70) in BDA+ are affected by gravity. Also, while thrusting there is an amount of Gaussian noise in their thrusting direction, after which they become ballistic. Should, eh? :-P
  14. It looks like this should be possible, yes. I'll try to get it added for the next release.
  15. If you can bind action groups to your buttons, then you can do this already. Enable the weapon with the "Toggle Weapon" action group, then fire it with the "Fire (Hold)" action group.
  16. What you're asking for is known as inverse kinematics, and depending on the number of servos used, can require solving for an optimal solution of an under- or over-constrained kinematic chain (the under-constrained case would require extra constraints to make up for the excess degrees of freedom). This is far from a simple task and I expect it would be far more computationally expensive than what KSP allows for on a frame-by-frame basis. Basic turrets work since the number of degrees-of-freedom matches the constraint space (i.e., just pitch and yaw) and their axes of rotation are orthogonal.
  17. The module is ModuleSpaceRadar. I'm not aware of any existing part that currently uses it, but the support is there for it in BDA+. I don't have any recommendations for space-based mods, but if you're using BDA at orbital speeds, then you will need to enable "Vessel-Relative Bullet Checks" for the bullet collision checks to work properly (it's more computationally expensive than the default, but is needed at higher velocities).
  18. BDArmory has always been a framework with only a limited selection of parts demonstrating what's possible. For a larger selection of parts, there exists mods like AirplanePlus, Moderately Plane Related, BDArmory-Extended and numerous others, just search on spacedock for BDArmory-related mods. The drop-time, boost-time and cruise-time are all configurable parameters when designing missiles, as is their guidance types for those stages and for terminal guidance. Have a look at the various missiles provided by some of the BDArmory-related mods. Weapons, armour and radar work in space (there's even a space-radar that disables itself in atmosphere) and there exists a number of space/future/fantasy based BDArmory-related mods.
  19. v1.25.0 of CameraTools is now available with the following improvements / bugfixes: Add an inertial chase mode to the dogfight camera. Inertial factor provides a looseness to the camera position. Offsets are relative to the vessel frame of reference, instead of the camera frame of reference. Save / restore other AudioSource fields that get modified as part of doppler SFX in case this is part of the cause of some sound bugs (not sure if it is or not, but better safe than sorry). Rework the BDA secondary target priority to favour the vessel's target (instead of attacker) when it has recently been firing or fired a missile (requires BDA+ v1.5.4.1 or later). Add a slider to control the minimum update interval of the BDA secondary target selection after switching targets (updates occur every 0.5s after the minimum interval has elapsed).
  20. 1. The ammo in most weapons is just a resource (like fuel), not an inventory item, so that wouldn't work. A weapon that did use inventory items like that would need a completely new weapon module to handle such logic. 2. Some missiles have complicated flight profiles, but I don't have that much experience with missiles, so maybe someone else can answer that better. 3. Yes, gravitational effects for ammo with mass (i.e., not lasers or some custom weapons) are accounted for. The bullets' trajectories are propagated using the symplectic leapfrog integrator, which gives the same trajectory as the built-in symplectic integrator. Drag (in air) isn't accounted for in the trajectory though, only in the collision.
  21. OK, I see where that's going wrong. I'll fix it for the next release.
  22. Huh, didn't even notice KSP had a launcher since I usually start it from the commandline. Pity they didn't fix any bugs relevant to me, such as this one. BDArmoryPlus and CameraTools don't seem to be affected by the changes.
  23. If I can figure out what the cause of the audio bug is, then I'll gladly fix it, but I'm not even sure if it's related to CameraTools or only indirectly triggered by something that CameraTools does.
  24. Yep, no worries. It's something that I was considering as a potential option for BDA+ due to the requests I received, but it's not high priority. Give me a ping if/when you have something ready to test and I'll see if I can get it to work. Thanks!
  25. That's a shame since I run KSP natively on linux instead of via dxvk, which would make testing it difficult. If it can be made to work, then I'd make it an optional toggle in BDA+ anyway, so if it's not supported, then it can be disabled without any drawback. I think that should work, but I'd have to experiment a bit with the delegates to check that it works as expected.
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