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  1. any cool KK Mod to build launch sites i already have TSC, Kerbinside Remasterd, Omega Stockalike Structures, And Aroura Space Center. i would use KSC++ but that mod duplicates statics
  2. Tygoo Has Retired from modding. The Mod Still Work Prefectly In KSP 1.11 And 1.12 The Mod Can Be Contiued If Someone wants to Adopt it. They Can Add New Parts And Upgrade The Mod.I Mean rocket lab has a new Rocket Coming Soon Named Neutron Would Be Nice to See Those Parts, but As of right now this mod is fully complete and we can thank Tygoo for making a great mod
  3. could this mod also work with crew capsules? and is there a mod that could show a camera view of the crew inside the capsule?
  4. i think i am having an issues with this mod. when i play with tundra the screens for crew dragon show up but it blank on the screen i have all of the depends and it still does not work i play in 1.11.
  5. any plans on adding new cameras like tracking cameras?
  6. i automatically put my iss in a 51.6 inc and the ISS in KSRSS does not even go over KSC or Baikonur on the same orbit any fix FORGET message i found a fix
  7. Rip My russian side of my ISS. could yall make a craft file for the russia side of the ISS everytime yall update it.
  8. I Have An Idea For a Mod. This Mod Will Be Kinda Like Realism Overhaul But for Re(stockalike) Mods. Stockism Overhaul Will Include RealName For Ton Of Stockalike Mods it will also include Stockalike Loading Screens. But Of Course it will be enjoyed with stockalike mod like BDB, Tantares, Tundra, and many more. I would like to do something like this and grow into the future what do yall think about it? Also Want To Inform Yall That if i do this is will be on space dock and forums mostly until some stockalike mod get added to ckan. but i also have idea for kerbal konstruct but we will see how far this goes
  9. Will We see new parts suchs as Blue Origin New Shepard Wedge fins and Speed Breaks ever be added? Thanks For the update Damon!!
  10. i am currently on 1.11 and i have all the install for MoarDV and the screens do not seem to turn on https://imgur.com/a/fxSE0BG
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