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  1. First and foremost, I’m going to hop into a single player “creative” world and take a look at all of the new parts in all of their glory. After that I plan on making a multiplayer game where me and my friend/friends will start from scratch and compete over who can colonize the most of the galaxy. Although plans may change, we currently intend on playing a sort of interstellar strategy game with KSP’s realistic physics. We will have IPBMs (Interplanetary ballistic missile) along with orbital strike platforms and battleships. Separately from the combat, we also plan on having alliances and a fully functional economy for trading and buying resources.
  2. I don’t think the game will release when the ship lands, but I definitely think it’s gonna be the last video along with a release date. I hope the feature vid will be about multiplayer but we will just have to wait and see, I speculate 3 months at latest before we get the next video.
  3. I define multiple as two or more, I meant to say 3-5 total star systems including kerbol If we get at least two extra.
  4. I’ve stated in other topics that the original PC gamer article states that we will be getting “multiple” extra star systems which means 3+ total systems, this may be outdated but I still think we will get at least 2 other entirely based on how many planets and moons have been released already. Edit: clarifications
  5. Even though I wouldn’t mind having only two star systems on launch, with the number of planets that have been released already, I find it hard to believe there aren’t going to be at least 3 systems including kerbol for us to explore right off the bat. And I do hope they add more for DLCs.
  6. I would reference it if I remember, I’ll have to look but I believe it was one of the early interviews or maybe in PC gamers article.
  7. The devs have stated that there will be up to at least 4 star systems at one point. It’s definitely not only going to be kerbol and Dubdub.
  8. If we assume that the game is finished or at least the advertisement campaign starts when the craft in the end of the video lands on the mun, we can assume that there is one or two more videos at most before we get a release date. At the pace it’s going right now, it may be 3 months at most before we get some serious hype fuel on a regular schedule.
  9. I’m loving some of the new background music, I hope it’s in the game.
  10. As mentioned earlier they are aiming for a fiscal year 2023 release without going into 2023 meaning we should expect July 1st of this year up until the 31st of December this year.
  11. Can you link this post? I’d like to go and have a look at it.
  12. While I doubt this will happen, it definitely seems that destructible/physics based surface scatter is within the realm of possibility, it would add to the immersion a substantial amount if you crashed a plane in a forest and you left a path of collapsed trees.
  13. I had say this to many people in this thread, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”
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