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  1. Despotism, The banshee lords require constant and total control over all stable and war torn sectors of the cosmos, no matter who opposes them. All hail Banshee Aerospace!!
  2. The devs have already confirmed that there will be much larger parts. from what we know, it’s safe to say that extra-large parts are likely going to be 7.5 meters, meaning that the parts beyond that will be extremely large, it says 2x-large or 3x-large, we can assume that large is 5 meters, we could get 10-15 meter parts.
  3. My friend once tried this name, he then proceeded to misspell it and so we have begun the tilted space craft series.
  4. I would love to have the ability to place colony parts on interstellar ships, either the ability to place a limited selection of colony parts, or any. I feel like this would make the creation of huge, cool looking ships a lot easier. If this were to be implemented, I’d assume you could only do this from a space port but who knows, it’s kerbal. If this has already been confirmed or discussed, I haven’t heard so I’ve made this.
  5. From the looks of it right now, this part will probably be a ship and colony part, we are not 100% sure though so everything is speculation.
  6. I’ve tried to avoid this thread for a while as it can get pretty heated but it seems calm right now. On the MMO topic, it would be cool if this was true but I don’t imagine the game like this, I imagine 4-5 player ran space agencies. Trading could be done by landing at someone’s trading outpost or even docking to a ship or station. I think wars will definitely happen, as a matter of fact, me and my friends will be harboring war in our server whenever it comes out. We will have merchants and war lords and such. I think this is where the MMO could shine, having people playing their own style in a vast galactic environment, working with each other and forming alliances and teams. It would be a good way to see how people would govern themselves in a position of power, I think either type of multiplayer would work.
  7. I really hope there are custom flags that would just have to be uploaded to the server if you are playing multiplayer. This has been done as early as 2013 in games like battlefield 4 where custom player icons can be loaded onto your game to give your profile some unique personality, it’s really not that hard to do with flags either, new players would just download the flag used by others upon joining the server.
  8. I never understood that aspect of the first game, whenever I landed an SSTO on eve it blew my mind that it could still function and I hope they fix this in the new planets or even already existing planets. So yes, please add no oxygen atmospheres for the possibility of things like nuclear jet engines.
  9. I have already commented on a similar post, I want them for multiplayer against my friends, we want to discover each other’s bases in a realistic way by using spy satellites.
  10. I’m not sure if this counts as a colony but I’m gonna have a huge space station orbiting jool called star city.
  11. Sounds cool, If your willing too I would love to join, CASO has had planes on arming their shuttles for a while If public servers are a thing then id be happy for you to join us Sounds fun, me and my friends have decided that we will have bases/stations around the solar systems that will be designated as a neutral conflict free zone
  12. I would like to know what everyone is going to (try to) do when KSP 2 comes out, I know that me and my friends are going to host a server where we compete for the galaxy in a Star Wars like situation. My friend has fittingly named his space agency altera tech and I have named mine bashed aerospace. My ultimate goal is to make a station stabilized in between rask and rusk. How about you?
  13. I’ve had this planned for so long, Athena. I have already named every ship of my fictional nation and space agency of banshee Aerospace. My other favorite is the BSD Andromeda
  14. I would also love to have cameras, me and my friend plan on playing a competitive “star war” style mode where we compete for control of the galaxy, we really want cameras and scanners so we can identify the locations of each others bases realistically. BRING BACK KERBNET!!
  15. Right around the 0:37 mark I saw some orange that caught my eye. Potential volcano or even a fresh impact crater?
  16. It’s wonderful looking, I’m probably going to use this a lot! Also it looks like your bringing back the part variety system too.
  17. But it and make videos on my YouTube channel
  18. I for one am quite happy I can use roads. When I saw the colony VAB the first thing I thought is that I want launch/landing pads away from it. I don’t feel like scorching my kerbals using the launch pad on top is the best thing for my colony. I want to role my rockets to the launch pads instead.
  19. All of the power parts in this video and previous show and tells make me very exited for the level of management we can go into for different colony styles and the matching environment. edit: grammar
  20. Are me and you the same person? I’m the same age and am doing the same thing. Recently I’ve been designing all the ships I plan on building for ksp 2 in blender. I would show a picture but I don’t have one right now.
  21. I know it’ll probably be modded in but I think it would be an interesting idea to, later in the game, design your own parts within realistic limits. I’m just throwing out some thoughts.
  22. IDK why but the skin is super unnerving. Also, I think plant cells would look good if the sections on the texture where a little smaller.
  23. I agree, and I trust the dev team, I don’t care how they do it. As long as we get ksp to in a better way than cyberpunk.
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