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  1. Hey @RoverDude,or anyone smarter than me I guess, my game quality recently took a dive, so I was looking through the log and noticed this message was being spammed over and over. I'd estimate in the hundreds at least, and just wanted to see if this is something that needs to be fixed i.e. not getting the bonuses it's saying it didn't apply? Or am I stepping over dollars while chasing pennies? " [LOG 17:22:14.611] ExperienceSystemConfig: Added Effect 'DeployedSciencePowerSkill' to Trait 'Engineer' [ERR 17:22:14.611] ExperienceSystemConfig: Experience trait 'Engineer' already exists,
  2. Hey @Nertea, obviously not a huge deal to me, and I hope no one else, but the localization key is incorrect for the Nuclear Smelter when toggling, starting, and stopping the Ablator Refurbishment process. In the localization config your key is *nuclear-smelter-375-1_ab_* but it's *nuclear-smelter-375_ab_* in the part config. Always love what you come up with, thank you brother!
  3. Wow, It was definately standing there ready to slap me in the face. Just your average slow american struggling with the metric system. Thanks for taking the time.
  4. Sorry in advance if the answer is slapping me in the face while I ask the question, but is there a "generic" / "rule of thumb" when anticipating the conversion rate of kWh to EC and mJ to EC? 1 mJ seems to convert to 100 EC, or am I missing some fundamental understanding?
  5. This is kind of the "Brute Force" workaround I came up with. It renames all science experiment actionNames with either "Log Data" or "Delete Data" as appropriate so you can than cast a broad net to run and then delete experiments. Sure it kills immersion as they now all have the same name, but it serves the purpose: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment]] { @MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment] { %experimentActionName = Log Data %resetActionName = Delete Data } MODULE { name = ModuleDefaultActionGroup modul
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