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  1. Awesome work guys!!! I download it but it tells me that i have some missing parts, which Mod does i need to run this ships? Thanks!!! Keep going
  2. Hi!! Pictures of my second landing on Minmus!! I have enough fuel to come back but i stay in to show it to my irl friends lol Cheers!!
  3. I\'m sorry for the long time far from the forum but i have a lot of work IRL, i\'ll full translate it as soon as possible and correct few mistakes!! Really sorry but really busy!!
  4. Lol i think next challenge will be docking, it\'s the last thing i don\'t success .....and find the damn Monoliths but I don\'t find it really fun... i\'ll do it for the achievement! lol
  5. ...i try to send a Mun station since 2 weeks without success .....and here you are..... Thanks!!! +1 download!!!!
  6. Carrement cool la fusée de Tintin!! impatient de voir ca!!! Il exite un mod ou le bas de la fusée existe deja, tu le trouvera sur la page officiel des mod.
  7. Cykyrios thanks i\'ll correct the mistakes, and it\'s a guide for really rookies, not a complet guide, i juste wanted to help the beginner as i would like to be helped when i was a beginner, but i m not master kerbaunot.....yet ping111 i\'ll send you this by MP.
  8. I sucess!!! 26m of mistake, i guess it\'s not to bad Thanks you all for the advices!!!
  9. When i burn, the speed must be important, i burn to the max? and slowly, slow down for my orbit reach 200km one? If i\'m about 100m to the space ship could i burn a little to reach it? cause if i burn my orbit will change?
  10. Thanks a lot!! It\'s download!!
  11. joey73101, what is the add-on you use to get the flight information, as we can see on the screenshot? Thanks
  12. Can you post a link, i don\'t find it on the forum or on google. Thanks UPDATE: Find it! http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=8828.0
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