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  1. I rescued some long lost kerbals stranded on the top of the Mun! And I made a monstrosity truly worthy of the title "Untitled Space Craft". It can carry 52 kerbals to orbit! Surprisingly, everyone survived!
  2. He also made this one. It’s very true.
  3. Floor 4851: A kerbal who claims to have been here for -21 years.
  4. Goodbye road! (oh hey right location too kinda)
  5. Took off from Duna. Attempted to rendezvous with the main ship. Got close, then the game crashed. Help would be appreciated, but if you have no idea, makes sense. Here are some more pictures of the takeoff.
  6. So I was just playing KSP when the computer crashed. I rebooted it, and when I tried to load the save that I was playing on, this came up: [Exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object] and the save didn't load. The other ones do. This is what the files look like for the save. I don't think any of these should affect it, but I am going to put them here just in case they do. Mod list: Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Granted, but you get it confused with a chunk of cheese instead. I wish for dice.
  8. Floor 4831: A forest. Curiously, there are no trees. There seem to be no plants at all.
  9. Concept: A Star Wars show following a team of republic commandos during the Clone Wars. Would include all the cool legends droids, and airborne clone troopers because they are just awesome. Episode Concepts Bespin Takedown- team infiltrates somewhere similar to cloud city, and destroys the repuslorlifts keeping it up. Exit would be similar to level ‘The Arbiter’ from Halo 2. Might be finale material. Umbara thingy- blows up defenses surrounding umbara’s capital
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