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  1. Off and Capitalizing. Goodnight @Stormpilot!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMiYklHvjk Yep! More than 2 hours worth in fact. (I might watch too much YouTube) TUBM has Pokémon cards
  3. -38 I and I alone shall fend of the relentless tides of optimism!
  4. 6/10 See you sometimes in my wandering. @HyperDraco same
  5. ah yes. a baneblade. If you get something big enough, could you make artifical gravity through its nearly negligble spin?
  6. The ability to operate a fusion reactor. That is useless because those don’t exist.
  7. You mean the leaker of real photographs. @jimmymcgoochie, the master of kerbal storytelling.
  8. Granted, but they are one version out of date and you can’t update them. I wish for the Mike and Ike’s I see in the pantry.
  9. That’s cute! Also 8/10 see you sometimes
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