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  1. I hope there's a good story and some juicy lore so that the gaming theorists of this world can further push this game into the spotlight!
  2. Y'know the first time I played KSP it was in 2018 at school in Version 0.24 or Version 0.23.5 and it was pretty fun! I got to play it in my free time after I had finished the work for my class. All was going fine and rockety ehen the pandemic struck and I couldn't play it anymore and I couldn't get it on my computer at home. I later got Steam during that summer and didn't have any games aside from FTL. I was watching YouTube a few months later in November of 2020 when @Matt Lowne's Perserverance Sample Return video came up. I went to go watch it and remembered how much I had loved the game from the months I had played it at school and noticed that the game was on sale. I was elated and bought it there and then, buying the DLC's a few days after. So fast forward to now, here I am on the Forums with 220+ Hours in Game. :valhappy:

  3. I have an older i5 core and 12 GBs of RAM with Steam and a similar thing tends to happens to me with larger ships. It's part of the nature of KSP in that it tends to run really slow when you have super big part count ships. In fact, the Space Station in my signature (RIP Save File) gave me really bad FPS when I partially took it apart and reassembled it but it was really fun to do. I think I was getting like 10 FPS with this being the only thing in Physics range.
  4. Good Luck with Space Race Series!

  5. If only I was a master kerb-gamer... Welp! That ain't stopping me from challenging others!
  6. Hello Kerbonauts, this is The Guardian Squid Expeditions Finance Department! We've recently been "gifted" a duo of KeR-7 Launchers and a Koyuz MK-II connected to a third KeR-7. We need to quickly get these off of our hands and into space! We're tasking you with building an interplanetary spacecraft with a lander. You'll launch the Koyuz first and put it into LKO then launching two other payloads and rendevouz with them in orbit above the KSC to hide it from our competitors at the Woomerang Space Center who got two Munollo launchers. The payloads you'll need to build are a Reuseable Lander of a
  7. def directiveClassfied('Kerbal Space Program 2, KSP 2, KSPStar, Release Date, Nate Simpson') { monitorTrack("https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/") console.log(monitorTrack) } *tracking mode active*
  8. I've installed a few parts mods to KSP and their parts don't show up (It's the Steam Version btw). KSP claims that there is no model to clone from. Oddly enough, MechJeb 2's parts show up. Doesn anyone know how to fix or solve this? Note: I don't have CKAN and don't plan to get it.
  9. I've recently had this problem in EVA mode with Kerbals in which the Kerbal doesn't face opposite to the camera any more. Did I just hit a random button and am paying for my lack of knowledge? (Note: I do have mods but no parts outside of MJ2 that I never use. My game is basically stock.) Mods: -MechJeb 2 -KER -And Some other Mods that I can't remember because they don't freaking work even though I have the latest versions. I probably need to take them out of all those nasty folders and into just the base one
  10. Btw, do y'all like my new signature? I finally got one!
  11. Finally got a signature!

    1. Atomic Engineer

      Atomic Engineer

      Oh wait, it don't show up, dang it

  13. I'll give them names: No. 1): John No. 2): Sam No. 3): Earl
  14. Happy to have you back!

    1. The Doodling Astronaut
    2. JB182


      HEY!!!!!!!! GLAD TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!

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