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  1. Banned for abducting Beaker and replacing him with a slug.
  2. Great News!

    Over the break I've been semi-hard at work updating and adding to my mods in my spare time! This upcoming Monday, I'm going to make the rounds updating the forums pages and my GitHub pages with the new content! 

    Enjoy the rest of your break!

  3. 3/10 New user beginning to make a name for themselves!
  4. Morning! Happy Thanksgiving! Hello @ColdJ!
  5. Maybe they'll keep it around or transfer its flight duties to another company or a spin-off of SpaceX and they'll recover the M-Vac with a modified Starship.
  6. I've been taking some time off of the Forums for my Thanksgiving break! In that time I've been working on getting screenshots for my Kerbol Konquest series! Hello @Admiral Fluffy! Not getting in another war, I presume?
  7. Banned for not noticing that I was gone
  8. 20/20 See you just about every day I'm on!
  9. Get some sand. My Beach Island.
  10. But what about the immunocompromised? That's why I still strongly support a mask mandate. I want to protect the people who still are vulnerable even with the shot(s).
  11. Good almost afternoon from the Texas capital city! How are you doing @Kerb24?
  12. Question, can the moderators/forum admin look up how many times a specific word has been mentioned?
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