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  1. What's this? Atomikku on after hours!? Unthinkable! How's it going @Randazzo?
  2. Discussion/Suggestion Thread for M.O.T.H.S. @Randazzo (Production/Conceptual/Testing Modeler), [snip] @benjee10 (Modeling Assistance), @AtomicTech (Engine and Part Programmer), @MatterBeam (STR Knowledge Guru) M.O.T.H.S. is an acronym for: --> Modular --> Operation of --> Thermal tecHnologies with --> Solar heating M.O.T.H.S. is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that uses ModuleManager to replicate a Solar Thermal Rocket Engine System similar to the Solar Moth concept. Requirements: -Latest Version of Module Manager. -Latest Verion of Community Resource Pack. Optional (Waterfall): -Latest Version of Waterfall. -Latest Version of Stock Waterfall Effects. Roadmap: -Add Waterfall Support -Make Preliminary Parts and Tweak Performance to stay within a stock but interstellar scale. -Add Laser Thermal Parts. -Make Double Scale Parts for much larger exploration. -Add RealFuels Support. -Add Support for Nertea's WasteHeat System. -Add Alternative Skins for all Parts. -Add Support for RSS/RO Scale. -Add Triple Scale Parts.
  3. "Tenth picture in your gallery is what kills you." - Some Discord User
  4. I've always wanted to make a movie! Have you made one, @Just Jim?
  5. No worries! I had kinda forgotten about it Just take care of your IRL business, we don't want you having to leave this little forum on a backwater part of the interwebs
  6. It's kinda to see this old thing pass 2.5k downloads.
  7. The question we all want answered, Why is @Vanamonde's profile picture an overly saturated banana?
  8. To quote at @Dman979, "The word of the thread is: Automagically." Perhaps you should name version 1.2, the Automagic Release!
  9. B I G G E S T ER G I G A C L I C K
  10. C L I C K C L I C K C L I C K
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