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  1. Well, the the lab or labs on the ship you're currently flying was what I had in mind. Didn't even know that anything else was a possibility. Even if others are a possibility I think that just the currently active ship is a reasonable scope for this kind of extension.
  2. Thanks for the quick fix Nertea. Having to dive an extra 50km into Jool to get helium was a bit of a shock, but I see that a re-balance is there in the release notes.
  3. System Heat 0.4.0 seems to have broken the Hoover Atmospheric Harvester. Symptoms are: constantly generates heat even when not active; won't deploy, harvest gas, or even register the presence of gas; spams the console and log file with NullReferenceExpetions. [EXC 14:41:33.100] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object SpaceDust.ModuleSpaceDustHarvester.AddFlux (System.Single outletTemperature, System.Single systemPower) (at <9fdbabd8c3b74ef7bfa18508d07db5f6>:0) SpaceDust.ModuleSpaceDustHarvester.FixedUpdate () (at <9fdbabd8c3b7
  4. Would it be possible to get this extended to also trigger for science that can be processed into data in the lab?
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