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  1. I have a big problem... I am trying to use Real Solar System in KSP, but if RRS and Kopernicus are both in the Gamedata directory, the starter loading screen with the pictures and everything happens, then it goes to the solar system in the bottom right corner loading screen forever... I have been using RRS without the planet textures but it's really not the same. Please help. Thanks!
  2. @TheSaintWow LOL, I didn't even think of that as religious, but I see the point!
  3. i think people took this a little too far...
  4. @StrandedonEarthLOL!
  5. well that's why there's the third option, for the people who don't really care about Microsoft or apple ok I just changed it, so that Linux fans can feel included.
  6. i've heard of it i just don't bother with it at all
  7. Microsoft or Apple (or Linux)? Which do you prefer?
  8. I have created the basic instruction manual, any opinions would be appreciated, https://ibb.co/LRWhsF6 https://ibb.co/hKr9Yr1 https://ibb.co/ZcS6jNn https://ibb.co/NNz9kBX thanks! btw, in page 2, the top line is the start of the sentence.
  9. Those things would be cool! Really, they should add a built-in multiplayer so that you don't need an extra mod. Also, they should start working on expanding life on Kerbin, like Kerbals wandering around the surface, towns and villages, et c.
  10. @kerbiloidThats a good idea, but there are 2 problems: First, i can't build those card towers. (believe me, I've tried...) Second, i already have a plan for how it's going to work: This is the basic version of my gameboard: https://ibb.co/xMg0Cyb Basically, you use tokens or pawns to mark your current status (how many funds or science tokens you have) on the board. If you have less than 10000 funds, you lose. The last person playing wins the game. I think am going to use @steuben's idea for the contract deck as well. I have also created a basic card template: https://ibb.co/FB
  11. I want to delete a post, how do i do this???
  12. @steubenOk thanks for the info. @pandamanYeah, that's a good idea. Thanks!
  13. This happens to me as well... I use the Airplane Plus mod and occasionally I will encounter this bug when flying airplanes, causing me to not be able to adjust map view or external view. I can still adjust cockpit view though.... Thanks for the info on how to fix it though!
  14. I have an idea for a simple KSP board game, and I think it would be pretty cool.... (<-- Yes, of course I am biased...) Basically, the point is to be the last space program with any funding. There would be a deck of part cards (and maybe cool little connectable models too), Funds, science tokens, and special dice. Each card would have a picture of the part, its name, its cost, its return cost, its mass and depending on the type: its resources, thrust, et c. At the beginning of the game, everyone starts with the mk1 capsule card, the basic fin card, the rt-5 flea card, 25,000 funds, and five
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