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  1. So the workaround did fix it, thank [snip]! specifically (in my case at least)adding -force-d3d12 to the desktop shortcut did nothing but, adding it to the launch options of the game through the game properties in steam DID fix it. I then tried copying my saves I backed up over, then the game crashed. Then decided screw it, if I have to start a new save I'll not play it so just copy-pasted the entire back up game folder, replacing all files. Launched the game, through steam (maybe now desktop shortcut won't work? haven't tried), everything's fine, mods and all. I just loaded it quickly to see,
  2. Should I just try the workaround mentioned then and let you know if it works? I'm guessing it means to add "-force-d3d12" to the end of the desktop shortcut? Or would it be to the KSP_x64 in the game folder? Also as a little side-note in case it's a related problem, I don't know if it's always been like this and I just never noticed before but the loading bar has fixed black pixels around it like a broken shadow effect, you can see it on the GIF in the report at 14s. It looks like that when the game opens up too, not just after the green explosion, I swear it never looked like that b
  3. Sorry, I can't see how to add anything to that report. I was using mods, mechjeb, kerbal engineer, science x. Added them back in on the first re-install attempt, haven't added them on the other attempts so same for modded and stock. I'm on a laptop, HP spectre x360, Windows 10, GPU: Intel Iris Xe, CPU: 11th Gen Intel i7-1165G7, 16GB RAM. Played about 100 hours since I picked the game back up last month (has been 4/5 years since I last played). Everything has been fine until last week. Unless it's complete coincidence my best guess was that it was caused by adding KSP to the inte
  4. Thank you, I will see if that helps. Yeah, I'd be happy to help before trying the workaround, what information are you looking for specifically? I have since tried resetting then deleting the Intel Graphics Command Centre in the hope it would delete any sort of background link to the game but that did nothing either. It behaves the exact same as the GIF in that thread
  5. I've recently encountered a massive bug/glitch with objects highlighting green when I hover over them, a couple of days ago it stopped working but whenever I hover over a part, it's like a green explosion on the screen that starts at the whatever part I'm hovering over and works its way to fill the entire screen screen. It does this everywhere; VAB, SPH, launchpad, flight.... It could be a complete coincidence but I think it might have been caused by the intel graphics command centre. I added KSP out of curiosity in case it made performance any better and to see if it stopped the occasi
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