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  1. In the stock program? I'd have to say Eve and Dres, Dres probably more than Eve. I remember that I originally wanted to explore the Kerbol system going in and then out again, and Eve was my first interplanetary target yet I could not get a ship to come off there. So I gave up at it for a while. during which I'd try other things, and discover mods - which led to me saying goodbye to stock KSP for good But as I was doing that, I saw one of those funny loading hints say "Never Visiting Dres..." and I thought, "why?!" Ship sent. Dres is very Mun-like but it has a different feel to
  2. It is when I hit the "RCS" button on the side of the nav ball. Doing that doesn't (always) seem to stop them from draining power, even if they don't visibly or audibly fire while the ship is turning, or even if it's not turning at all.
  3. Ah, so that's why it sucks up so much power, then, isn't it? But why are they still draining power even while turned off? I've had inconsistent behavior in that regard, sometimes turning them off turns off the power drain, other times it doesn't, other times it only shuts off "gradually" (e.g. it drops by like 0.03 MW/s or something.)
  4. I also found something else regarding the problems I mentioned earlier in the thread (page 200) on the strange Megajoule/Kilowatt Hour drain which I tracked down to being the result of firing the "Heavy 5-way RCS Block" RCS thrusters, and made a new discovery by looking through the part files to see what could cause this. I noticed that even though the Heavy 5-way RCS do not show up as an electric thruster, their part definition file references "ElectricRCSController" as a module. So are they supposed to draw electric power? But if that's so, then it seems they're bugged in other ways because
  5. Just want to say this is a downright gorgeous mod package. The planets in this are like ... wow! Seriously the stock system planets look like ... Meh compared to this ... Geez. Thanks a lot for this package.
  6. I figured out what was going on with my earlier question (on page 200) regarding the mysteriously high power drain from Lithium batteries and Megajoule capacitors. It is caused by using the "Heavy 5-Way RCS Block" RCS blocks. The stock RCS thrusters do not have this effect, but any amount (or at least 2) of heavy 5-way blocks always seems to draw exactly 5.00 MW (equiv. 1.4 kWh/s) of electric power while thrusting - even though they seem like they should be fuelled only by chemical fuel given the propellants and description. Is this intended or is this a bug? Moreover, I do not believe they st
  7. I'm curious: does the problem appear to depend on speed? I.e. if you go slower, does it become less severe? Or does it happen simply by virtue of using the warp drive at all? As if it's floating point round off error in the game's movement code, it would seem logical to imagine the problem should decrease with reduced speed.
  8. OK, so why then is it draining a lot of power when RCS is active and thrusting, even though it's chemical-driven RCS, not electric RCS? Again, this still smells like a bug to me. Also, I finally managed to assemble the craft by killing RCS every time the tank stage was lined up for an orbital maneuver, but now I note some other behavior that looks like bugs: during time warp, the fusion reactor (the "Spherical Tokamak" one, at least) ran down its internal store of Deuterium, but then instead of cutting out, seemed to stop depleting it with just a small positive fraction left and keep goin
  9. So it's the docking ports, then? Then why would it be only when the RCS is engaged? (I also note that active RCS seems to heat up radiators quite a bit, too, for some reason.) There also seem to be issues involving time warp as well: power spiking during warp, or "persistent" power usage when dropping out that wasn't there when first going in.
  10. I have an Orbital Assembly Docking Port - two, actually, which may be kind of redundant but was out of habit (I need a big 5 m port on the back to fit the final stage which is the Daedalus interstellar fusion engine) - and I presume those are what are providing the SAS. The parts are just the OADPs, the 7 cryo tanks, and chemical RCS thrusters (6 Heavy 5-way RCS Blocks) and a mono tank (and structural elements of course.). ADD: More experimentation reveals that SAS alone doesn't eat that much. But when RCS is turned on along with it, then we get 5 MW. But that doesn't make a lot of sense
  11. I want to add: I think I figured the culprit. The little window you get when you click the battery was reporting a 5 MW(!) power drain. It turns out that having SAS on was draining at least 5 MW of power. With it off, the window reports 0.04 MW, or 40 kW, as I'd expect from the cryo coolers, and the Lithium batteries deplete at something that feels like the expected rate. However, is it sensible that SAS should consume that much, especially when as I pointed out it doesn't drain stock batteries at a rate that feels like that (It should drain a single Z-4000 in under 1 second, then, and drain a
  12. Thanks. I did mention this as a possibility toward the end, that I realized the capacitors would likely sensibly run dry soon because of just that (a fast self discharge rate). However I also pointed out that stacks of proper batteries also seem to run out too fast. In particular, the Lithium battery packs you mention deplete their Kilowatt Hour at a rate only modestly less than the stock Z-4000 deplete their ElectricCharge when used on the same craft, as though each unit of kWh were barely a few units of EC, yet for the conversions and names to be consistent, we should have 1 kWh = 3.6 MJ = 3
  13. Hi. First of all I'd like to say I have used this set of mods for a while now and really like the concepts and the parts as they are on paper - a lot of very cool stuff and lots of ways to make some really cool craft. Love all the advanced nuclear engines, reactors, etc. But I've lately been a bit discouraged what look like bugs I've found, even in the newest versions, and thought I'd come here to ask about this. I'm not sure if this particular bug has been noted here before - my apologies if it has, but I don't know of any way to search this very long thread beyond checking every single
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