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  1. ...confused atoms and ions a bit Is it @Souptime? I think it's @Souptime.
  2. Error 3-10, no cups for lemons found @Jeb_Needs_A_Parachute, he already has one!
  3. While you're busy fighting for the hill, i build a new one and take it for myself. Then i destroy the previous hill by hacking into it and using its self destruct system. MY HILL
  4. So, in finnish, "core" and "nuclear" are both "ydin". So "nuclear core", whatever that would be, would be "ydinydin".
  5. I chop the tree down and commit sin on the hill. MY UNHOLY HILL
  6. Perhaps but i beat them to replying. I summoneth @ColdJ
  7. Granted. But you said "a", so there's only one of them. I wish i finally knew why did that guy say okie doki
  8. Ah hello there @Chompsky, welcome and... Well, welcome. Haven't got much to say.
  9. All the equipment has a giant hole so no can do Does @Stormpilot pilot storms?
  10. Then Maria Sirona comes in with a tank from the late 20th century and just takes the hill. MY HILL
  11. Oh no, i'm sorry! I didn't mean to insult you @AtomicTech! I'm so sorry
  12. I'm not a moderator or anything but that's kinda lazy
  13. I make myself a goddess somehow and i say "all thour hill shalt be mine" MY HILL
  14. ...is busy harvesting crop. Is it @Melontime yet?
  15. @AtomicTech, that was absolutely great! But ya forgot something...
  16. I dunno but it has less than 100 legs Waiter! There's communism in my soup!
  17. Yes, you have a soda. Waiter! There's a big fish in my soup!
  18. Kukkula. That's the finnish word for hill.
  19. I take the hill since nobody claims it. Then i turn everything to the finnish kieli koska kyllä. MINUN KUKKULA.
  20. Granted. The altitude of the orbit around Mercury is [INSERT AMOUNT OF DISTANCE WHICH IS ONE METER SHORTER THAN THE HIGHEST POINT OF MERCURY] I wish your wish came true.
  21. I close the hills and take 'em for myself with the help of the plutoans. MY CLOSED INFINITY HILLS
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