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  1. Well, he actually succeeded in sneaking too many snacks aboard the rocket, but what killed him was the large amount of them. You see, he stuffed them in the oxygen tank, and suffocated when he got up there in space. Hans Kerman died due to Wernher von Kerman shouting "NEIN!" too many times
  2. Fictional female astronaut beats Gravity
  3. Banned for having digits not toes
  4. Oh hi there @PlasmaIndustries! Welcome to the forums
  5. P-15. (Maybe do it with a line like this @Nazalassa)
  6. P12 i literally said i'm back you're starting to sound an awful lot like a moderatr @ColdJ
  7. Banned for thinking the sky has a limit
  8. Banned for not banning All of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland is the nordic countries
  9. You can actually see the border between Russia and Finland from space! The russian side is clearly darker in the winter.
  10. Where's the mention of me? I already said i'm back Anyway, P2
  11. Banned for 0. Also @ColdJ gets banned because i'm not sure if he knows that Fin! Land! Is! Not! Scan! Di! Na! Vi! A!
  12. No problem @dstymindz71! Also, hello there @bananaking. Welcome to the forums.
  13. Hi there @dstymindz71! Hope you have a great time on the forums, and luck on ye travels through the kerbol system!
  14. A computer bug that guides the super heavy craft into the Sun, beats that craft
  15. "post above you is best option." What does that even mean????? And what is editing?????
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