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  1. OK thank you so much! Anyways, as i was saying:
  2. Oh dear, i thought this was the words fun to say thread! Sorry about that
  3. Here's a few funny city names in Finland, with their literal english translations: Heinävesi- Weedwater Seinäjoki- Wallriver Kolari- Crash Varkaus- Theft
  4. The word is kerbal. Not kampala. But anyway, welcome to the forums!
  5. Harry Potter (it is a series of novels too)
  6. It was the seventh year of the Dunian-Laythean war. Both sides had lost most of their ships, but thankfully nobody had died. (The warships, or wardrones as the word goes, were uncrewed, and that one laythean base on Vall that was destroyed by a dunian missile had been evacuated with minutes to spare.) Until recently. *** Dunian wardrone Arkhtag was doing its duty. It selected a target from the list in its memory, assigned it a missile from its arsenal, and then fired, over and over again. The missiles had smart guidance systems so they found their target with ease. One day Arkhtag chose the laythean wardrone Alpha-369. Except that it didn't. You see, on neutral Kerbin there lived a kerbal that just so happened to be named Alpha-369, and when Arkhtag's list of targets was being written by a certain Auldan Kerman, Auldan was very tired. So tired she just couldn't be bothered to specify if she was referring to the kerbal or wardrone. So Arkhtag instead fired towards Alpha-369 Kerman and not the wardrone. *** A few months later, a small object entered Kerbin's atmosphere. It was harsh enough to withstand re-entry, and smart enough to fly even in atmosphere. 12 minutes the small object crashed into a cottage in the middle of the forest, its explosives blowing a crater into the ground 73 meters wide. Inside the cottage Alpha-369 Kerman happened to exist. When the investigation concluded with its results proving Alpha-369 Kerman had been killed by a dunian missile, Kerbin's neutrality was no more. Kerbin's inexhaustable spacecraft industry proved too much for what remained of Duna's wardrone fleet to handle. To be more precise, it was 246 kerbiner wardrones, sent in just one launch window, fighting against the 7 wardrones Duna could spare to protect the actual planet. Duna surrendered the following day. Beans Kerman- Hubris Nope. No antimatter isn't.
  7. @wumpus and @SunlitZelkova, it being a timezone thing depends on where you live. For reference i live in UTC+2 (Finland, as i am not ashamed to tell) and for me the weird posts show up as 1970
  8. That is an epic name, imma vote for that
  9. Hi, hello, hi! Welcome to the KSP forums
  10. Here's a random very specific thought of mine, what's the chance there exists a person who lives in Oulu (big city in Finland on the coast, and the edge of what is northern Finland and what isn't), loves the color cyan (i do but not the others), is transgender, and has a genetic heritage of 50% inari sami and 50% percent finnish?
  11. BTW, for me as a finn, Eru Iluvatar being male (he/him pronouns) is kinda confusing since a tar/tär ending denotes female things... Queen= kuningatar, actress= näyttelijätär...
  12. The Javelin-2C is one heck of an epic-looking rocket, imma be sad if you won't use it for interplanetary missions. That weevil docked with the rear port looks so goofy
  13. But then Sergei Korolyov overthrew him because their names are too similar, and subsequently led the Soviet Union to colonise the red planet Mars
  14. "Heavy Rocket Space Exploration Program" Or HRSEP for short
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