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  1. Here's my take on it: This system would probably be useful, fun and interesting to many players (including me) and would help to enhance their gameplay experience. For those who disliked it and want to ignore it, they can just ignore it. No one is forcing them to play with that feature. If someone made this into a mod, I would instantly download it.
  2. Hmmmm. Someone will reply next whose first letter is in the 2 quarter of the alphabet or is a 'C'.
  3. Would this work if I had a part rescaled, or would it throw off the aerodynamics?
  4. You using the correct version? You can also try editing the rescale property in the part config, and if that changes it then I might have an idea of what's causing it.
  5. Starships, you have to be specific when describing your problems. We cant read your mind.
  6. Definitely will try this in my career save once I finish my last moon landing! Going to go for lvl 2.
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