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  1. Exactly what it sounds like. If you set a payload bay door open limiter and then open, one of the sides will open farther than the other. This is visible if you place a part in symmetry, open the door until it touch's one of the parts and then go to the other side. This seems pretty simple, so I hope it gets fixed.
  2. I believe that might have been "Sarcasm"
  3. It turns out that it was a file in the AppData folder. After deleting all of the data there I was able to get it working again. I'm glad I was able to fix it, but what a waste of an afternoon.
  4. Look, I landed on Laythe! Aren't the graphics just beautiful! As you can see, one of the landing legs fell off. How do you thing I should rescue my Kerbals? Oh wait, I can't.
  5. My game, for whatever reason, literally became unplayable. Just yesterday I booted the game up, and when I loaded my campaign I was stuck on a screen of the VAB, but nothing would do anything. Ok, no big deal. I'll just quit and restart the game. Ok then, I'll just delete the logs and restart the game. Fine, I'll completely uninstall and reinstall the game, deleting my whole save, and also restart my computer. It didn't work, making new campaigns doesn't help. Trying new saves doesn't help. It has literally become unplayable.
  6. I revisited Gilly and I still don't see anything. Maybe I'm just blind?
  7. After checking Gilly out, I don't believe that it is an intentional Easter egg. Probably just a generation error.
  8. I just finished a quick go over of Eeloo, but I couldn't find anything. Definitely not intense, but I check a good chunk of the surface and also the lowest points in some of the valleys. --------------------------------------------------------------- Ohh! Gilly hmmm. I off to check now!
  9. I noticed it when Bop was eclipsed by Jool, so its not caused by planet reflection.
  10. Can confirm that there is no Kraken on Pol. (After being glitched through the surface 1000 times.) It does glow green in the dark though, pretty cool.
  11. I'm fine with futuristic technology, but for gameplay reason I personally feel (tough others may not agree) that there should still be a reason to build rockets with older, present day parts even when you've unlocked futuristic engines or when your playing in Sandbox. Since there is not cost in Sandbox and its the only mode we have on release, as well as it being the mode a lot of KSP 1 players prefer, there should be some incentives to not just use nukes.
  12. That's fair, but they should be much heavier. So unless you want to also ruin the use of nuclear engines for space travel by making them vary heavy, I think the best scenario it to nerf it's TWR.
  13. For the good of the game not just being "SPAM BIG NUKES!", I hope that they nerf the nuclear engines atmospheric ISP. It's fun and all, but it can't stay.
  14. How is a main menu ship on the launch pad? Like, how does that even begin to happen?
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