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  1. Oops, sorry about that Anyway, it's looking great! can't wait to have it in game!
  2. Looking nice! Btw, I noticed that the Aquila adapters didn't have fairing anymore. I guess it's been done on purpose, but then how am I supposed to launch my Mir modules without fairing?
  3. Well, guess I'll stick with Contares for now then, though it'd be nice to have Kliper in Tantares. Idk why but I find this mini shuttle kinda cute And damn, I'm loving that new Soyuz
  4. Yeah, I know about Contares, I'm currently using it. But I'd still like to give the old Tantares one a shot, but I can't find it anywhere and it's not on Github either.
  5. Hey, I've seen Tantares used to have Kliper quite some time ago, but the link is dead... Would be great if someone could reupload it!
  6. I haven't flown the shuttle in a while tbh, but from what I recall, yes, docking manoeuvres tend to drain a lot of monoprop, and I rarely use RCS for anything else.
  7. Daaaaaaamn, this looks amazingly good! I thought Tantares was finished, glad to see I was wrong!
  8. Oh well, that sucks... And btw I have the issue happening with parts from other mods, such as BDB.
  9. Alright, was just making sure. And did you figure out how to fix it yet?
  10. Oh, ok lol. Btw, maybe I installed it wrong? Cause I didn't have a KSP-Recall.cfg in LOCAL folder, so I created it and pasted your patch in it.
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