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  1. How can I adjust the orbit +/- in the planned node? I clicked new, and it made a node 59 days in advance. My transfer window per the alarm clock says I have 39 days. So I drag the node slightly closer, and suddenly the burn start time says T- 1y 30d and the intersept is botched. Then I drag it slightly farther, and it's added another orbit, now says T-2y 36d. Thanks
  2. Bug: Stock alarm to transfer from larger orbit to smaller orbit results in completely wrong calculation. Kerbin to Eve:
  3. If I'm on kerbin and I make an alarm to go to Eve, it's way off. If I make the alarm backwards while on kerbin, [Eve to Kerbin], it works. If I make the alarm Kerbin to Dres, it works. Something wrong
  4. Does this address the transfer alarm being programmed backwards? You added the feature but if you make an alarm to go from Kerbin to Eve, it's wrong. I know its backwards because if you're on Kerbin and set the alarm to transfer from Eve to Kerbin instead, it takes you to the perfect time. Issue does not happen when going from a smaller orbit to a larger one (Kerbin to Dres). I know your time and resources are limited but this is one line of code to fix
  5. It appears there is a bug with Stats not showing up before launch. It works for one launch, then if I revert to launch, it is blank. Ver
  6. Thought so, lol. I'm determined to make it work though, I think with a little more tweaking I'll get there. Nope no other mods except hyper warp. I'm just really low, and really fast, which is the only way to make solid SSTO work, I think. I'll experiment with getting higher before the turn.
  7. This was a little hard to get right for my first whack at it, possibly because my rocket is an attempt at solid SSTO which maybe this plugin isn't designed for initially? Here's what I ended up with after 8 improved guesses and then some manual tweaking, let me know if it looks roughly optimized. Improved guesses only got me down to about 600km apogee, needed manual tweaking to get better than that. I locked sensitivity at 1.0 because otherwise I saw it trying to throttle my SRBs. I locked Start m/s at 10 because the improved guesses started going negative. I locked pressure cutoff and manually set it much higher because improve guess didn't seem to change that number but it originally occurred well past engine shutoff. I locked turn angle and had to start manually increasing it to 42 because improve guess kept it around 23-25 which wasn't nearly aggressive enough. Now I'm still slightly overshooting my target apogee, but 250 apogee / -78 perigee is much better than I could do by hand (previous best was -350 perigee), before blowing up from getting too shallow and hot. Probably a product of my ship design. Maybe need to limit my SRB max thrust? I'm at the point where if I increase my turn angle by 0.5 I overheat and blow up right before engine cutoff I'm also aware I'm about 300 m/s shy of orbital velocity but this is close enough for me (second stage is all nukes, it's a Tylo visit and return mission).
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