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  1. Make sure you have the engine's throttle bound with "Main throttle" instead of "independent throttle" This problem should not exist, not very sure why it's doing that for you.
  2. It isn't explosion potential and stuff that you need to decrease, some engines have that to counter limitations of modules. if you check the Z pinch engines of KSPIE, they also say explosion potential 100.
  3. You will have to use reactors, Engines require electrical power to run, which in order to keep things realistic, I will have to keep this part. However some of the other systems are slightly different, especially the ISRU, making the mod easier to play, and less complex.
  4. Yeah for now, we have some problems... I need extreme precision... it don't really work well.
  5. Lovely mod, though i have problems. I do not understand how the .dll file work at all, and this is not the best solution to precision aerobatics that I do in KSP. I would have to end up turning SAS on and off and mouse aim flight on and off, and it still is not so precise. The idea with this is that since mouse aim flight is also binded to roll for all of its modes, it makes flying very interesting, when you try to use MAF for a long and precise knife edge of an inverted low pass or what. it isn't possible, because of the auto correction of the roll axis. I have no idea how to make .dll files, maybe will learn that one day, but for now I would love to find a version /varient of this mod released for aerobatics and normal flight (3 extra modes, but none have roll autocorrection).
  6. So after many attempts, I have given up. It would be amazing for either freethinker or nertea to create a patch for this, but on my side, I am still not as experienced on patches as they are. There will be no patch for FFT and KSPI-E Thermal management compatibility patch in the 0.1.7 release, instead there will be reactors and SSTO spacecraft parts in the 0.1.7 release. After this, I will then work hard for the 0.2 release for Interstellar Technologies, adding thermal management parts as well as electrical, resources, and communications parts. One thing to note here that the particle scoop that I will be adding will have no animation, it will be a relatively small scoop, and will just have the active resource generator module (so it generates resources similar to how an RTG generates electricity indefinitely), since Spacedust only allows particle collection near planet atmospheres and solar storms, while not the rest of the places, not the 5 hydrogen atoms/m^3. A little spoiler would be I might make a sort of ion drive that works on the super tiny amounts of hydrogen atoms in space, similar to a solar sail, however it will be working sorta like an ion drive.
  7. Their radiators don't work together, systemHeat radiators are extremely OP in terms of lowering the temperature of KSPI-E loops, while KSPI-E radiators don't work for SystemHeattt, In one of the newer releases I might add a patch that allows systemheat modules for KSPI-E radiators, and KSPI-E modules for systemHeat radiators. Before I do that, I gotta figure out how systemHeat really work first, so I can do things with patches. I never really messed around with patches so this will b a first, expect bugs. I might release it in the 0.1.7 version (current is 0.1.5, new release coming soon for multi mode SSTO engine) for compatibility of systemHeat with KSI-E radiators. For now, I am still pretty busy working on new engines, as well as ideas for expanding this mod before school gets worse and I start to get less and less time to work on this, Please be patient.
  8. Thank you! I worked quite hard on this, and am still updating it! be sure to check for updates once in a while, considering that I'll try to get as much done for this as possible before school gets worse.
  9. [KSP 1.8.1-1.11.X] (V0.4.1) Interstellar Technologies [Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion Engine Powered Interstellar Spacecraft - Kepler] An Interstellar Propulsion System mod, made by Kepler- At long last, after months of hard work practicing modeling, and after finally unlocking the secrets to textures, The mod is finally released. This parts pack will be used to expand from the mod Kerbal Space Program Interstellar Extended. Those parts are extremely imbalanced with going around the stock system. The engines are made off the base of the KSPI-E engines' statistics, [DEPENDENCIES] All of the required mods for Interstellar Technologies to function properly is now in the main mod folder. Note that the KSPI-E folder is stripped of some of it's parts, due to complaints of complexity of KSPI-E. [RECOMMENDATIONS] Those are recommendations to download to play with the mod. They are NOT required. - Far Future Technologies - TUFX - MEV Heavy Industries - Galaxies Unbound - A Stellar Odyssey - Interstellar Extended (The whole pack in order to get all the parts) - Near Future Mods by Nertea - Singularity (For Galaxies Unbound) The parts pack will be updated quickly, releases will be *quick*. I will be available in the KSPI-E discord server and the Galaxies Unbound discord server, please @ Kepler (No spacing) to make suggestions for future changes. Special thanks to @Cyne for helping me with learning to texture models. [Some of the Parts include...] - Daedalus Inertial Confinement Fusion Drive (v.0.1.0) - Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion Drive (v.0.1.0) - Kugelblitz Drive (Black hole drive) (v.0.1.0) - Laser Core Antimatter Drive (v0.1.0) - Multi Mode Interstellar Afterburning fusion drive (v0.1.1) - Multi Mode SSTO Fusion Engine (v0.1.6) - TRIGA Core Static/Pulsed Trimodal Nuclear Thermal Rocket (0.1.7) - "Coaxial" SSTO Fusion Engine (0.1.7) And so much more as the mod updates! [SCREENSHOTS] [DOWNLOAD] Primary (SpaceDock): https://spacedock.info/mod/2674/Interstellar Technologies - A KSPI-E Expansion For Additional Bugfixes and all (Probably mostly for science mode and that) please contact me through Discord through the KSPI-E or the GU discord server. The mod uses the CC BY-NC-SA License.
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