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  1. No point then, I guess the color picker is the best thing LOL.
  2. Have it lol. @Spaceman.Spiff like the next update can be KSP 1.12 A Splash Of Colors lol. A Suit Picker-like editor type thing.
  3. @Spaceman.Spiff @Single stage to ocean Main point = yes its good. But I want a stock color overhaul and just some good looking engines I mean they look like excrements BUT MOSTLY THE THE COLOR OVERHAUL LIKE A COLOR PICKER FOR ALL KSP PARTS IN 2 MODES : SHINY AND NORMAL but I guess 3 engines need serious revamps : Reliant, Swivel, Nerv.
  4. Better Engines, like remodelling the nerv, reliant, swivel, they look ugly just ugly. the nerv is literally the same texture since its release, maybe can add some color changer on all parts and just a few more handy engines like near future ones like raptors or nuclear gas core ones.
  5. and LIFE SUPPORT, i just feel its necessary. colonization long distance travel and interstellar, i feel its necessary.
  6. I guess do something like USI life support, i guess that is harder than snacks which is way too easy, and easier than and much easier than KERBALISM
  7. Just returned home back to rhode is recovered and waiting to be launched again but in a few months though. Hi @JB182 ive seen you somewhere
  8. What if it is really turned orange ???? thats not good THATS LOVELY I WISH FOR HELIUM 3 ENGINES KSP 1.12 AND HELIUM 3 JOOL
  9. Clouds, jool is gunna be burnt cool ksp 1.12 will be burning the emerald jewel of the kerbol system
  10. @Apelsin there is an issue on this topic on the FFT github what about that, and sadly i have to use the impulse engine
  11. @Apelsin So can you tell how i will do the tweaking? dont know this stuff much, although i have tweaked the mobile processing lab once
  12. @Nerteawill these engines run in time warp like the KSPIE engines, because i want to do a high energy burn with the impulse engine to take a heavy payload to another star system (base construction) and the TWR is . . . So if they don't, is there a way to run them in time warp?
  13. I hope its not as performance affecting as scatterer
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