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  1. KSP 1.11.x has a bug, that causes disconecting strut connectors and fuel lines connected during EVA construction mode after reloading save file. This is due to a wrong paring of MissionID and CraftID of the connector's target (the second end). This mod work around that bug by changing MissionID of whole strut connector so both ends of strut connector has the same MissionID and KSP can connect it after loading a vessel. Thanks to @dpirch for finding easy fix by changing of MissionID, Mod does two things: It fixes connector's MissionID instatnly when they are connected during EVA Construction mod After loading a save file and creating FlightGlobals (usually this is done when you start fly some vessel), it parse all "unloaded vessels" (=not actual flying vessel or nearby one) and tries to pair targets of strut connectors with a correspondig part. This can be done only when the target part's CraftId is unique for that vessel. For example when you will have two identical vessels docked together, all CraftIDs will be duplicated so correction cannot be done. Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2714/Bugfix for disconecting struct and fuel lines Download from Github https://github.com/xmnovotny/KSP-CModuleLinkedMeshFix/releases/download/1.0/CModuleLinkedMeshFix-1.0.zip Source: https://github.com/xmnovotny/KSP-CModuleLinkedMeshFix License: GPL 3.0 Installation: Extract the archive so that CModuleLinkedMeshFix directory should end up directly under GameData. Usage: No interaction is required.
  2. linuxgurugamer: I made a pull request with orbit fix for All-GNSS contract.
  3. This was annoying so much for me, so I had installed KSP plugin devkit and had started to learn how it works. After some time I have found the problem with loading requirement configurations and fixed it. I have made pull request to the linuxgurugamer so he can now publish fixed version to the CKAN. Thanks to
  4. I have the same problem - even the experiments can be finalized in space without docking with lab/cyclotrone. I have discovered it just after fresh installation of then mod to the existing game (with lot of mods). Then I made a new install of KSP with MOAR mod installed by CKAN and I've created new science game. With same faulty result. Mod list: Breaking Ground (BreakingGround-DLC 1.6.0) Making History (MakingHistory-DLC 1.11.0) MOAR Station Science (MOARStationScience v2.6.0.4) Module Manager (ModuleManager 4.1.4) SpaceTux Library (SpaceTuxLibrary 0.0.6) KSP build id = 03077 2021.03.03 at 15:15:30 PST Branch: master language = en-us distribution name = Steam Link with log and save files: https://uloz.to/tamhle/NeyxcSjfQxth
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