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  1. @4x4cheesecake Ok I might have fixed the issue. I set render quality -> fast, frame limit -> 60 fps and I lowered some other settings. My GPU usage is still high but is considerably better. The temperature gauges on speedfan are also slightly better. It's weird but it appears my GPU usage is a lot higher in the VAB compared to in-flight.
  2. @4x4cheesecake Thanks for your response! I think this is the log after a crash. It has been some days so I can't quite remember if I started up the game before the log was created but I think I posted the log right after a crash. Maybe the crash wasn't logged if it is a heating issue? If it is a heating issue I would suspect it wouldn't appear in the logs. I can't find a full screen mode. So this is the hack I found after searching online. The regular windowed mode is rather small and is my opinion unplayable. Ok so apparently I don't have breaking ground installed. I remember buying them together because they were both on sale. I hadn't unlocked in the tech tree yet to notice it was missing. This might be the issue. I opened speedfan and after a couple minutes in the VAB I got the following results which sound quite high to me. At the moment I only play KSP (I don't game a lot because of time) but minecraft runs fine on this laptop. Do you (or anyone else) have recommendations for settings to lower the temperature?
  3. So I sometimes when I play KSP it crashes to a black screen. It basically forcefully shuts down my laptop like when you hold down the power button for a long time ( I get that peewww sound). It tends to happen at the start of the game. For example when I enter the VAB or when I launch a rocket. I also got it one time while the game was still starting up. It can also happen like 3 times in a row (after starting up again). If it doesn't happen I can play the game just fine. I have no mods installed, I only have the breaking ground expansion. I play the game from steam. Here I have my player log uploaded to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/465m7hagdxxp5b9/Player.log?dl=0 This is my task manager when I just loaded up the game (the screen where you see all the buildings): And here are my graphics settings. I already tried lowering some (like texture quality) because I suspected it had to with RAM or GPU limitations but to no avail.
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