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  1. copy the mod file to KSP gamedata directory. welcome to the forum!
  2. ITS MEHHHHHHHHHH @Intercept Games nah they wont reply
  3. im having trouble with pplane takeoff, it flip back when taking off.
  4. he left a long time ago! @Spaceman.Spiff
  5. 10/10 there is a brand wich kerbalized in the signature
  6. weird cloud, but, IS THAT THE VAB? now, i wanna see the exterior of the VAB! and if the cloud is for april fool, its fine because... what? a cool graphic game has a cloud like a childs drawing.
  7. hmmm... i think none of them. i sometime uses robotic and KAL-100/0 and some robotic part and the KLAW to fly and kill kerbals. idk what i missed.
  8. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOW AND PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA SEE HOW KSP 2 LOOKS LIKE! BTW awesome dres
  9. granted, and covid 19 is gone, but everyone die instantly I need a shuttel (yes, ist a shuttel!)
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