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  1. banned for not saying kerbal.
  2. no. havent used it for a long time. TUBM is a kerbal.
  3. no TUBM knows the diferrence beetween rocket n spacecraft.
  4. no. TUBM knows what JAXA stands for.
  5. Banned for having a tiger in ur profile pic while ur name is vampire.
  6. yes. 300 or 400s hours i forgot. TUBM has/live in a caravan
  7. Banned for holding dead laika.
  8. No. TUBM has watched jurassic park.
  9. idk what novapunch is. TUBM is playing ksp.
  10. no. bcs im a bit arachnophobia. TUBM never eat pizza.
  11. looks futuristic and finally actual gameplay.
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