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  1. I've actually had to use a save editor to remove hostile mobs from my Satisfactory game, since I can't stand that sort of combat and it's 1000x more terrifying in 3D.
  2. The West Wing. Incredibly entertaining.
  3. Me too. I wish we'd get a definitive answer on whether Mac is coming or not. Although in all likelihood, the answer will be no. Us Mac users are always passed over
  4. Some possible good news: Can’t remember the specifics, but in the Celestial Architecting video, a folder on a dev’s computer is labelled “PC/Mac/Linux” or something along those lines.
  5. Can't get an image right now, but anyone else having an issue where ships are enveloped in a blue-tinted glow around Kerbin? Sort of like the Planetshine effect but on steroids and around the entire ship.
  6. Please tell me this'll be in Starbound.
  7. I can't open the README, can someone CnP the jist of it here?
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