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  1. I’ve tried parallels, but it’s hilariously bad with games. Incredibly laggy.
  2. It's Apple Silicon. Can't dual boot windows, and I bought it before I doubted that KSP2 would be on Mac.
  3. What I mean is that I own a Mac, and I can't get a whole new gaming PC just for KSP2. I'm quite sure most, if not all, other Mac players would agree.
  4. Some people can't get, or afford a Windows PC. As KSP has always been available for Mac and Linux, it seems unfair that even Xbox 1 and PS4 are taking priority over Mac and Linux.
  5. Buran made a completely autonomous landing on its first flight, only a few years after the shuttle.
  6. Yeah I fixed it. The mod is good. It wasn't a bug. But I screwed up. I accidentally placed a second LM docking port clipped inside the first, preventing docking.
  7. Anyone else having an issue where the Kane docking Probe and drogue doesn't dock with the LM docking port? I've tried everything, docking with it extended then retracting, docking with it retracted, but I can't fix it.
  8. Anyone else having that annoying bug which causes all MechJeb windows to appear on the left side of the screen, making them unusable? I think it might be caused by BDB, although I'm not sure.
  9. Awesome! Do you have screenshots of the whole program? I love your whole build style, have you considered making a forum thread about your save?
  10. My confession is that I actively enjoy making kerbal torture machines, for example a “merry-go-round from hell” powered by Shrimps, which spun around very fast before taking off, then crashing and exploding.
  11. I would suggest going from OFT-1 to the first few Deep Space Transport crewed Mars landings. Would be time consuming, but very cool.
  12. Hey @jinnantonix I’m going for the rogues gallery, and I’ve got a question. Before deciding to take on this challenge, I put the core module of a Gateway style station in orbit around the Mun. I do not have any pics of the launch. Can I still use this as ISRU infrastructure?
  13. Depends on your specs. I have an M1 MacBook Air and it runs Parallax at 50-60 frames per second. Also, how’d you get the MAH legs working? They always bounce constantly for me.
  14. Look at the last photo and you’ll see what I’m saying. The surfaces are unnaturally flat, being just 2D textures. Heck, most of the rocks are just textures on the ground.
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