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  1. UPDATE! THIS IS THE VENUS AEROSPACE MICRO/NANO LINE! the X-3 might be the smallest plane that has a actual wing on it you can try to beat that here
  2. hmmm ok (unrelated image) (for this threads orginal propuse) this is the Little Kerb 1 rocket its a recreation of the Little Joe rocket to test the abort system it has a working abort tower, crew acess walkway (not from history) and recovery aids that deploy after the parachute pops (with is under the abort tower)
  3. ha ha BD armoury go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  4. can i use BD armoury to blow off the wing for extra points?
  5. the program has pulled off 2 mun missions so far and it started the Finder program and did its first mission to meet up with kaput 1 (our first satelite) and was sucessful
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